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Another year to recruit students, college students how to choose a job? Sohu science and technology in the summer seems to be in the past few years, the annual campus recruitment season again. The minority is keen on collecting famous enterprises OFFER "bully", the majority of students are in clear in advance of their favorite industries and enterprises, and then do the job targeted. However, in the selection of industries and enterprises, will inevitably be confused, recently several mentees asked me how this company vivo, is worth. If someone asked me how to vivo mobile phone, vivo mobile phone is very easy to answer, especially the hyperbolic vivo Xplay5 surface is impressive, in the domestic machine belongs to the superior workmanship, market feedback is good, I recognized institutions according to the data of IDC data show that the vivo has reached the two consecutive quarter of the global smart mobile phone shipments of five, successfully replaced the Internet thinking millet was very influential, the market share accounted for 4.8%, the two quarter maintained a growth rate of 80.2%, the data in the intelligent mobile phone industry tends to saturation of the environment is very beautiful. Vivo Xplay 5 vivo Chinese intelligent mobile phone is to show that success in the Internet, return to the real nature of business, not just marketing drive, but the overall contest product, brand, service and channel, vivo has also been some media called "invisible giant". Therefore, vivo is a successful and compelling mobile phone company, it is relatively easy to answer. However, for those mentees about how this company vivo question, my answer is more cautious, after all, I am not only an evaluation of the ability of the company, but to learn. Occupation selection is proposed, this proposal will have an indirect influence on the life path. To know the choice of career and college entrance examination and love and marriage, is an ordinary people are facing the most critical of the three choices. So, before answering the question of whether vivo is worth it, let me talk about my personal experience. I read the Nanjing University software engineering, and the direction of the internet. In college, the Internet has a strong interest in learning the basics of computer software at the same time, has been on the Internet products, personal blog writing passion. In the second year, the students have started to plan for their own future, ready to go to graduate school in desperately seeking security research, ready to go abroad in the New Oriental GRE test, I have decided to work directly from undergraduate, and to join the mobile Internet industry. Third summer I got two internship opportunities, a move to Guangdong, there is a Alibaba, after two internship experience, I give up school security research opportunities, by chance the choice of Guangdong mobile, missed the Alibaba, later switched back through the Internet industry, joined a the search company, then start to join the new media industry. Now looking back, 7 years ago to participate in campus recruitment, time is fleeting, life is fleeting. It now appears that emergency graduates choose to work, I recommend the Shun)相关的主题文章: