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Computers-and-Technology Android tablets are this years must-have tech item! Who wouldnt want to throw out their heavy old laptop and rock a shiny, new slate? Not only would you look super cool, but youd also enjoy some of the benefits such as monster battery life, large colourful screen and Android OS’s much vaunted usability and copious free apps! A tablet PC is always going to be a Godsend during your commute, in the coffee shop or even in the office, but there are clever uses for these versatile tablets that you perhaps have never heard of and may raise a few eyebrows! 1.Portable flatscreen TV TVs are usually pretty large. Thats ok if you want to watch a blockbuster in the living room, but what about if you want to take your TV with you? Simply attach a bit of Velcro to the back of your tablet and then attach conveniently-placed strips of Velcro around the house where youd conceivably want a TV; perhaps in the bathroom, kitchen or in front of your bed. Stick the tablet in the desired are and voila! An instant portable flatscreen TV! 2.Sales presentations If youve ever stumbled through a presentation waiting for your work laptop to fire up and feeling embarrassed, then its time to wow your customers or colleagues with a tablet. Tablet PCs start up a lot faster than laptops as they have less software to load and use flash memory instead of a hard drive, so you can pass round brochures, pictures or schematics in seconds. 3.Restaurant menu Eliminate printing costs by loading your new menus into tablets. Diners will be impressed with your set-up and can flip through sharp and realistic pictures of food and drinks in seconds. 4.Gallery Save space with wall-mounted tablets each showing one picture or maybe a picture show of different artists. To change the theme of your show, simply load up your new pictures onto the tablets. 5.Paperless office Help to contribute to the paperless office by using a tablet for any notes instead of paper. Youll also be able to instantly share notes with colleagues by email too. 6.Start a band Ok, tablets probably arent going to replace musical instruments any time soon, but with so many music apps available it is now possible to make a band of like-minded people playing music with their tablets! Regardless of whether you want an Android tablet for one of these less traditional uses, or just for catching up on Facebook whilst waiting for your flight, then youll be delighted to know that you can grab one at the bargain price of less than 200 dollars! But you wont find them in local stores at this price, rather you should search online for them and always buy from a reputable online store. About the Author: there’s only one choice. Come to the Android OS specialist Virtual or paste this link into your browser: Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: