Ancient book is a memorandum of history and humanity polartec

Ancient history and humanities memo source: Suzhou daily "history of the North Lee Xiaobo biography": "husband has books, what is false Nanmianbaicheng?" So, sitting on a bookstore, is enjoying the endless treasures and wealth. But today, can stick to a small entity bookstore, is very rare. In the era of impetuous, can keep the static table, thin readers are very few, not to mention the collection of people. But for Jiang Liusheng, the ancient Tibetan ancient books collection, is his livelihood, is also a kind of way to the pursuit of inner satisfaction. From the initial interest, now runs a bookstore of their own, Jiang Liusheng said, perhaps in the years after, he hid the books, can bring some useful to future generations. Daily reporter Zhao Yanchi Wen taken from the collection of stamps, comic books that is famous for his interest into his own business Lane button a few valves old bookstore, a hundred years old literature sanbanggulsa needless to say, Jiang Liusheng’s "ten house" also has a certain position in the minds of Su Chengai book. The bookstore in 2012 was officially opened, the space is not much square metre, but inside the books placed well-proportioned, are full of Jiang Liusheng’s "baby". In Suzhou dialect, there is a saying "snail shell to do Temple", it is "ten party libraries" true portrayal. Because the bookstore where the alley is going to go through one section of Pingjiang Road, many foreign tourists through here, we will enter the bookstore, slowly taste. Sometimes, will come in one or two experts, Jiang Liusheng talk with them one or two, the exchange of a few books experience. In addition to staying in the bookstore, Jiang Liusheng most of the time in the field to search and study the content of ancient books. He has a habit, often to find the book to be photographed for a record, even if the hands of others in the future, or a thought. These days, he felt rather depressed, because not Huiyanshizhu, put a rare books delivered to friends. This "missed" the situation though with Jiang Liusheng’s experience is becoming less and less, but occasionally occur, his heart will still be full of regrets. The loss in the market on the books more and more scarce, can receive a good book, like a friend. Is the so-called "life is a rare friend, the eternal finally tapes". Personal sorrow and joy, only he knows. In earlier years, Jiang Liusheng even a collection of fans are not. He is doing ordinary work, leisure time to collect some stamps and comic books. "The more you hide, the more you want to get started." Jiang Liusheng said that starting from their own interests, a lot of practical heart. Most people know that not only is the old stamps and comic childhood memories, content and form are easy to understand. To which gradually from the original simple interest, collecting stamps and comic strips have been unable to meet the heart for the understanding of Jiang Liusheng, he decided to target from the "book" to "book", which is the collection of ancient books. Jiang Liusheng said that all this is a natural process, he has a more profound understanding and understanding of the meaning and value of culture. Suzhou since the birth of a lot of scholars lay here, history.相关的主题文章: