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.puters-and-Technology As per the 2011 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) released by Verizon there has been a considerable drop in the number of .promised records- from 361 million in 2008 to 144 million in 2009 and less than 4 million in 2010. Security breach incidents have reduced to 1% in the healthcare sector while the hospitality industry has experienced the maximum number (40%), followed by the retail sector (25%) and the financial services sector (22%). The investigated data for 2010 was a joint effort between Verizon with 94 incidents and the U.S. Secret Service with 667 incidents making the total to a massive 761. It has been found that 92% of the breaches occur through external sources. These sources use sophisticated hacking methodologies and different types of malware to gain access to the vulnerable IT systems. Currently the criminals are targeting the payment systems, as the U.S. Secret Service has clamped down all malware activities with a strict vigil on hosting services. It has also been seen that the small business organizations and medical practitioners fall easy prey to these heinous crimes as they do not have a reliable infrastructure and proactive policies to ward off these intrusive acts. As per the HITECH Act any incident that poses a security risk to the personal health information of 500 people or more have to be reported. Penalties in the form of expensive fines are imposed on those found guilty of violating the HITECH .pliance regulations. Thus every medical and healthcare organization has to ensure the establishment of a regularized and .pact security policy throughout the entire operation leaving no opportunities for any unauthorized access. The best way to deal with all issues related to security, .pliance and risk is to invest in the automated SecureGRC SB .pliance solution that has all the capabilities to deliver .pelling performances and create an invincible force against any malicious attacks. These solutions are cloud based services that constantly track and monitor all activities and provide real-time information instantly. With the help of the .pliance management software solution the organizations are made aware of the new and revised regulations and the security policies of the organizations are updated immediately and automatically. Often healthcare organizations suffer losses due to employees negligence or due to inadequate information and training. The automated HIPAA .pliant solution provides a respite to the organizations by providing intelligent analytical assessments and reporting facilities that help to keep track of the .pliance status. A strict authentication process is deployed that thwarts all damaging attempts. With the services offered on the cloud, any mid-sized or a small organization can easily afford this solution to use it as a remedy for reviving their declining operations. Now with a trustworthy and inexpensive healthcare .pliance tool within easy reach there is no excuse for falling into a trap and losing ones hard-earned reputation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: