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Book-Marketing Alexandre Dumas – or Dumas pere – as he was called to discriminate btwn him and his son, Alexandre Dumas, Dumas fills (1824-1895), who was also popular writer, but not as prolific as his father – was gigantic in proportions, so to speak. big spend thrift and big life-affirming lover of women and love. wvr, he might have bn even bigger, .. as writer, had he not had t much cooking at the same time. He published circa 250 novels and svrl plays, but not all of it was his own, original work as he simply had "slaves" who wrote more or less of h n. s "novel-factory" as it has bn called was consistent with his working conditions as writer of novels whh were serialized n newspapers. ht kind of writings gets hacked up in chapters rdng to the demands of the papers to secure steady readership and most of Dumas’ writings have lost thr literary value bus of this. However, some of his novels stand out as interesting and readable even today: "The Three Musketeers" (1844) and "The Count of Monte Christos" (1844) is considered the best n and much prefer the last mentioned n. This tale from the last chapter of the Napoleonic era, the 100 days ftr his abdication and bfr his interment ftr Waterloo in 1815 depicts time when politics n send young, innocent sailor like Edmond Dantes in prison n remote island for lmst twenty years. He is totally innocent of the crimes that he is accused of as he is no nthr Bonaparte or nthng else sinister, but powerful people use him as scapegoat to save thr own hides. As this is Dumas, Edmond, bng our hero, escapes the prison in miraculous w and finds priceless treasure whh makes it ssbl for him to btn the noble title of Monte Christos and to revenge himself n his enemies. This he ds, bvusl enjoying the turn of tables, but ftr sometime he chooses his new love vr this life of revenge lthugh he ds not regret what he has ds. ftr all these evil people robbed him of his beloved Mercedes, ruined his life of peace as sea captain and stole 20 years from him. s reader n feels that he is right in revenging himself, but when Mercedes who is married to n of the bad guys recognizes her former fianc and talks to him n changes one’s mind. The book tslf makes it clear that lthugh the revenge was wonderful to read about bus of the grossness of his sufferings, it only worked up to point. wvr, this new Edmond who is so dffrnt from the young sailor he used to be, ds not sm to have let go 100 percent of it as he bvusl has bm bitter at fate even though he now n marry smn else. In the present day, Alexandre Dumas’ great "The Count of Monte Cristo" is being re-awakened by a series of sequel books set in the modern day. Written by an anonymous writer christening himself the "Holy Ghost Writer", these sequel books are really faithful to the original work, and provide a nice twist as to how it works out in the modern day. After reading the Count of Monte Cristo (or watching the great movie) I really recommend picking up these sequel books. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: