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Parents Classroom: adolescent girls need more emotional care, April 30, 2015 Qilu Evening News reported that a male teacher in a middle school in Shandong, Jining, and a female student commit suicide. According to the reporter visited the situation, before the incident, the boy teacher and a girl walked relatively close, after being known, the male teacher was intimidated, and girls commit suicide. They came to a road outside the field, the teacher first drank pesticides, girls first call home, said do not want to live, and then drank the pesticide. Fortunately, the girl’s family after the alarm, the police found two people, quickly sent to the hospital, the girl was rescued, and the teacher died. From this news, we can see that the male teacher has many unknown problems, and the girl’s emotional education problems in adolescence, as well as self-protection and life education and other issues should also be noted. Adolescent girls are a relatively dangerous age, and girls in this period need to face more psychological problems than boys. Adolescent girls, for example, are more likely to be self abased and need more emotional and caring needs. If parents do not pay attention to the characteristics of adolescent girls, for child care is not enough, the education methods are simple and crude, easily lead to antagonism between parents and children, more and more poor parent-child relationship, so that children will be home, such as puppy love, self mutilation Dutch act home consequences. The problem of adolescent girls’ puppy love is often related to the lack of family care. The girls in this period are often full of contradictions and entanglements. On the one hand, influenced by their sense of adult and independent consciousness, they will gradually away from their parents, close their hearts, and hope that they have more privacy. On the other hand, they need more emotion and need more care. If parents do not pay attention to the characteristics of children in this period, can not change their education mode in time, or give too much control or interference, will let the children have the feeling of affection and lack of care. In this case, they often find the emotion on people outside the family who go, this dependence is bigger, children’s self-protection awareness is low, eventually blindly follow their so-called "love" or "lover" to make a series of damage to yourself, such as sex or similar Dutch act. The situation. For adolescent girls, parents give children enough affection and love, is the basis for the protection of children, but also to avoid children’s self injurious behavior barrier. This requires parents for adolescent girls education more wisdom and rationality, with more equality and respect of education, not only to tolerate acceptance of positive attention, but also let the children have the behavior of the bottom line and the principle of doing things, and ultimately accompany the children through adolescence.     want to know the latest educational information, ask for educational confusion, share educational experience and experience? Pay attention to Sina, micro-blog, @ Sina, Zhejiang education, reflect your demands and discovery; or pay attention to the public number: education information (zj_edu); or join Sina Zhejiang parents’ Association, the official interactive QQ group: 62210056. For more information about studying abroad, please join Sina zhejiang; 家长课堂:青春期女孩需要更多的情感关爱   2015年4月30日《齐鲁晚报》报道,山东济宁市某中学的某男老师与某女学生相约自杀。根据记者走访的情况,事发之前,这位男老师与某女生走得比较近, 被人知道之后,这名男老师受到了恐吓,而与女生相约自杀。他们来到野外一个公路边,老师先喝下农药,女生先给家里打了电话,称不想活了,然后也喝下了农 药。幸运的是,女孩的家人报警后,民警找到两人,迅速送到医院,女孩被抢救了过来,而老师抢救无效身亡。   从这则新闻我们可以看出来,这个男教师存在许多未知的问题,而女孩存在青春期的情感教育问题,以及自我保护和生命教育等问题也值得注意。   青春期女孩是一个相对危险的年龄,这个时期的女孩需要比男孩面对更多的心理问题。比如青春期女孩更容易自卑,对情感和关爱的需求更为强烈。而如果父母没有 重视青春期女孩的特点,对于孩子的关爱不够深入,教育方法简单粗暴,容易导致孩子与父母的对立,亲子关系越来越差,以至于孩子会出现早恋、离家出走、自残 自杀等后果。   青春期女孩早恋的问题的背后往往与家庭关爱的缺失有关。这个时期的女孩内心往往充满矛盾和纠结,一方面受其成人感和独立意识的影响,她们会逐渐远离父母, 关闭心门,希望自己有更多的隐私空间。另一方面她们对情感的需求更为强烈,需要更多的关爱。父母如果没有注意到这个时期孩子的特点,不能及时转变自己的教 育方式,还是给予过多的管制或干涉,就会让孩子产生亲情和关爱缺失的感觉。在这种情况下,她们往往会从家庭之外的人身上去寻找情感的依赖,这种依赖感越 大,孩子的自我保护意识越低,最终盲目跟随自己所谓的“爱人”或“恋人”做出一系列伤害自己的事情,比如过早发生性行为或者相约自杀等情况。   对 于青春期的女孩,父母给予孩子足够的亲情和关爱,是保护孩子的基础,也是避免孩子出现自我伤害行为的屏障。这就需要父母对于青春期的女孩教育更为智慧和理 性,用更加平等和尊重的教育方式,既要宽容接纳积极关注,又要让孩子拥有行为的底线和做事的原则,最终陪伴孩子顺利度过青春期。     想要了解最新教育资讯,请教教育困惑、分享教育经验与心得吗?那就关注新浪微博@新浪浙江教育,反映你的诉求和发现;或关注公众号:教育资讯一点通(zj_edu);或加入新浪浙江家长会,官方互动QQ群:62210056。了解更多留学资讯,请加入新浪浙江留学帮帮团qq群:280980058。 更多资讯请扫二维码 浙江教育资讯一点通  相关的主题文章: