Adams handsome attack due to intensive schedule at late misfiring conference players

Adams handsome: attack due to intensive schedule at late misfiring conference players injury Scolari (data plan) in the Super League last night ushered in a focus of the war, the port of Shanghai in the final 0 to 0 home court against Guangzhou evergrande. For AFC Champions League are competing for the league, the Hong Kong and dangerous race, this draw is the key. Whether it is the confrontation between the super history, or the contest between the coach, the Hong Kong and coach Erickson are lagging behind hengda. Hong Kong has been competing for 7 games, Erickson is coaching the national team and club team, have not won the Scolari. However, the Hong Kong defence slightly fragile, in this game very good performance, the constant brigade basically did not give the attacking force powerful opportunity to leave. The constant brigade had to rely on a ball, causing Fu Huan handball foul, but the GalAT penalty is to return to the national team Yan Junling brave saved. The penalty is Hengda game the best chance, in addition, the state average, very tired, there are two main absolute Li Xuepeng and Kim in the game due to injury. Hengda advance here 51 balls, Hong Kong scored 47, the top two teams in the fierce offensive team, why to hand over a 0 – 0 draw? After the game, outspoken Hengda coach Marcello Scolari bluntly shelling football schedule is full of problems, "the players really very tired, I also try to communicate with the relevant departments, I tried, but no effect." It is understood that Scolari was late for nearly 10 minutes before attending the press conference, is to see the players in the injury. Hong Kong is also victims of this, this year the team frequently injured players, have a great relationship with the AFC Champions League super double battle. Recently, a good performance of stone Ke, also in the game last night due to injury. The Hong Kong coach Erickson said: "we have two games lost a ball, the next game, we will continue to face a difficult opponent, the game is still difficult, hope Jin Zhourong, Shi Ke, El Eriksson can return, if they return to our squad is good." Strafe compared to Scolari, Erickson showed a consistent scholarly attitude, "before the next Jiangsu game, I might give the player a few days off adjustment. But our national team players can not rest, the risk of injury will be further increased. For them, the schedule is indeed a bit dense, but the game is like this, can not be adjusted, there is no way to change, we can only adapt to."相关的主题文章: