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Music Aside from being the king of rock and roll, one of the few things that made Elvis Presley stand out as one of the greatest men alive is his fashion statement. Today, many events feature a lot of Elvis costumes – jumpsuits, sunglasses, even the haircut that made him famous all around the globe. If you really want to get to know the start of his fashion then you might want to read through Elvis Presley biography first. If you read the life story of Elvis Presley, then you will see that he started out as any normal kid in the early 19th century. He has always been a shy boy — both in school and church — and doesnt stand out in the crowd. His fashion sense started when he moved to Memphis with the rest of his family in 1950. He started growing out his sideburns and start dressing up in the flashy costumes of the Lansky Brothers. Most Elvis Presley biography give a lot of definition to his hairstyle. The sideburn is practically the most notable feature of this cultural icon. Others would include his white jacket with flashy rhinestones that carries a lot of weight to his appeal, especially on stage. But despite this popular outfit of the King of Rock and Roll, he first started out as would be normally seen in people during that in time — striped shirt tucked neatly into tight-fitting jeans, and, of course, leather or a plain jacket to spark of the Presley mood. Since he started out his career as a truck driver, his main outfit included rugged jeans and shirts. Elvis’ fashion sense improved when he moved up into his career as a musician. He is often seen wearing heavily decorated skin-tight jumpsuit with a high collar, white boots, white bell bottom pants, and, of course, his patented hairstyle and sideburns. Of course, you would never be a true Elvis fan if you dont consider his trademark sunglasses — brown-tinted lens and a heavy frame that brings out his distinguished looks — which he is never without during concerts when you read through this Elvis Presley biography. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: