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China National Tourism Award List? Powerhouse fresh – Sohu Chinese Tourism National Tourism · strong award is sponsored jointly by the Chinese leading tourism new financial media giants with only one of the China by National Tourism Bureau as the national tourism industry guidance "tourism" in China monthly magazine, think tanks and strong research community team provide data support, through investigation and evaluation, various types of tourism institutions to explore and reward outstanding benchmark brand excellence and innovation spirit, and promote various types of travel agencies further push into brand building and innovation practice; at the same time, in the investigation of the selection process, with the help of authoritative public and professional media, "industry" the powerhouse brand concept and story is widely spread in the whole society, with the strength of the model driven by more travel agencies recognize The importance of brand and innovation in order to promote the development and implementation of brand and innovation strategy of all kinds of tourism organizations in China, and help the tourism industry to develop rapidly and healthy. This selection contains 30 categories, more than 1000 enterprises, more than 200 companies shortlisted candidates, the Organizing Committee in a period of a half of the voting time, the capital airport T3 terminal 36 sharp video advertising, Beijing subway, Shanghai subway, Beijing Railway Station and other outdoor advertising, advertising vote voting platform released by micro-blog, WeChat and other social media, Chinese by central and local news media and the media industry promotion voting platform, finally won a total of Sanshiwanyuwan consumers to vote and carefully check expert judges, the final selection results released. The name is not ranked the best ecological tourism destination in Qingchuan County of Guiyang City Tourism Industry Development Commission of Inner Mongolia scenic area in Wudalianchi. The Yijinhuoluo Jiangxi Mount Longhu scenic middle letter Baishishan annual best cultural tourism destination of Jianmen Pass Sichuan Lugu Lake scenic Mount Emei Chenjiagou cultural tourism scenic area of Xuancheng Hunan Chinese · Xiangtan Pingyao County Qingchengshan – Dujiangyan scenic spot the annual most investment potential tourism destination in Longnan City, Kanas Scenic Area Management Committee, the most promising rural tourism destination award Jiuxiang scenic area best hot springs tourism award of Sichuan Gongga scenic area in Beijing at Hailuogou Luoji ninety-nine? Gubei Town Cloud LAN Bay Springs Scenic Chongyang Sante Lang Kou Spa resort area of the most popular theme park brand award Ocean Park Haichang Harbin ice and snow world in Dalian Sun Asia Ocean World Award for innovation powerhouse ant cellular travel network Chinese the most beautiful landscape in paradise (Mount Emei, Leshan Giant Buddha, Bamboo Sea alliance and Xingwen Shi) off the international ticket network technology Co. Ltd. Shenzhen fun trip free over the international distribution platform Huan escape I greatly travel for business travel network travel colorful cast relaxed travel spectrum method greatly optimize the tourism purchase travel service brand is still in the way of business travel. We HRS -Global Hotel Soluti.相关的主题文章: