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Weight-Loss Liposuction is a surgical procedure for removal of fat from areas in the body like the abdomen, hips, the buttocks and arms. This procedure can be used in instances where traditional weight loss programs will not help. It is not classified as a major surgery in the medical circles, but the person who undergoes it knows better. Unlike other procedures, liposuction is treated as a cosmetic surgery by most people. The recovery time for a patient after liposuction depends upon the kind of surgery performed and the extensiveness of the procedure. Depending upon the area where the surgery has been performed and the pain experienced by the patient, it takes between 1-3 months for a full recovery to take place. The pain is expected to go away in about a week or so, the swelling also subsides in about two weeks. The numbness around the operated area remains for a few months, but the bruising goes away in a week to ten days. Post operative care after liposuction is no different from any other surgery. The following are to be taken care of for a faster and healthier recovery: * Sufficient intake of fluids is necessary. This can be in the form of water intake, juices and health drinks. Alcoholic drinks are not advised before and after a liposuction procedure. * Application of ice-packs, heating packs and other skin application are not advised as it affects the healing process. * Keep the area of the surgery clean. Don’t apply hydrogen peroxide or other such cleansing liquids in the operative area. There is a serious risk of infection. * Keep changing the bandages at regular intervals, or as advised by the surgeon. * Do not expose the operated area to water. Do not get into a sauna, Jacuzzi or a water park/swimming pool. The excessive moisture could develop into a serious infection. * Wear light garments and preferably cotton or a fabric to which your skin is .fortable. * Choose the pressure garment to be worn after the surgery with care. It must be of your size to ensure that the drainage is proper and no infection creeps in. * Keep help at hand as some cases of fainting due to exhaustion have also been reported. * A professional masseur and a trainer can be consulted to regain the normal routine. Liposuction recovery is un.fortable for a few people, but in general a person is back to his work table in a matter of a week to ten days. The extent of care a person takes in the post operative phase reflects directly on the pace of recovery. Pain killers are advised in the first week after the surgery and should be discontinued thereafter. Exercises must be resumed after a gap of at least a month post surgery as there is risk of moisture related infection and opening of stitches. The success of a liposuction procedure will be visible after a period ranging from a month to six month. Liposuction is not a permanent solution to fat removal. It has to be supplemented with a proper regime of exercise and weight control programs. The recovery process is slow, but if proper post operative care is taken, it will reap the desired dividends. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: