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Fashion-Style Jessica Simpson started as singer and actress but still she is intensifying her career. She has launched her skin care products line including make up, fragrances and eye shadows. She has been hosting a reality show on television named as Price of Beauty. The show stars Jessica Simpson and famous hair stylist Ken Paves. They share their views about beauty which they experienced while traveling all around the world. The definition of beauty varies from person to person. A thing that seems beautiful to one person might not be beautiful for another person. Similarly every country has its own traditions and concepts of beauty. Regional Beauty The title The Price Of beauty truly reflects the theme of show. How one can count the price of beauty; it can either be money or some endeavor to become beautiful. It depends on individuals own choice. For instance, a few episodes of the show focus on the intense changes that are made in the body by women of tribes. They used to enclose their necks with metallic rings to make their necks longer. Some episodes focused on the Asian women for bleaching their skin to become fair and beautiful. Psychological problems The problem of anorexia was also discussed in the show. It is a psychological problem in which people search for beauty and distress their physical fitness and self respect. It is considered as sickness which is faced by many people world wide. Sometimes it can be very harmful for human health. It is necessary to discuss these problems with public so that they should be able to understand that these problems can be treated. Countries like India, Moroco, Tokyo, France, Thailand and Japan were visited during first season of the price of beauty. In 2011, season two is likely to be broadcasted. Jessica Simpson started with Thailand and found out that people prefer fair skin. Hence fairness creams and products are much wanted than anything else. Later on she looked for the inside beauty. The Price of beauty is such a show that reveals what various people think about beauty. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: