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Pets Pit Bulls are an intelligent breed that can be taught nearly anything, as long as they have a good trainer. Having a good trainer doesnt necessarily mean a trainer that you hired. Many Pit Bull owners are finding that their pets not only are eager to learn, but they also gain much when they opt to train their Pit Bull themselves. Owners who opt to be their dogs trainer will find that they enjoy spending the extra time with their beloved pet. Many methods of training exist, and just which type you wish to pursue is totally up to you. Depending on what you wish to ac.plish as well as how much time you can devote to the task is just a couple of things youll need to factor in when picking a type of training for your pet. Over the years, one of the training methods which has began to rise in popularity is whistle training. This type of training uses a whistle to give the dog .mands rather than using the spoken word. Each task is allotted a certain amount of blows, or pips, on the whistle. If youd like to attempt whistle training for your Pit Bull, then the first thing to do is to pick out a good quality whistle with which to give out the .mands. Using your own mouth to do the whistling isnt a good idea. Your pitch would vary, and if you needed to give your Pit Bull a .mand from a distance, he may not hear you. For these reasons, its best to go with a good quality metal whistle. One whistle .mand you can teach your dog is to .e when called. A good way to do this is to use his feeding time as the starting ground. At mealtime, as you put his food down give two short bursts on the whistle. Continue to do this at every mealtime for about three weeks. Always remember to use the exact number of bursts on the whistle. Once you have made it for about three weeks with the mealtime whistling, try blowing the same .mand when your Pit Bull is not expecting a meal. Be sure to have a nice treat for him at the ready, for when he does .e youll want to reward him with a nice snack and a reassuring rub. This type of training is useful if take your dog to the park or anywhere in the outdoors. By whistle training your Pit Bull, youll know that wherever he is, he can hear you and .e at your beck and call. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: