Must Have Checklist Choosing A Mini Laptop-特命战队go busters

.puters-and-Technology A new generation of low cost, lightweight laptops is rapidly a global sensation. For many people around the world, owning a personal .puter has long been considered a luxury. In the last couple years, manufacturers of mini laptops (also referred to as mini notebooks or mini notes) have managed to strip down a lot of the bells and whistles that .e automatically with standard laptops, to make a lite version that fits in more peoples’ handsand pocketbooks. Unlike previous .puter products that aimed at reducing size and cost, these mini machines have powerful processors, substantial memory and .e with all the basic software, entertainment options and Internet most people need. To entertain the possibility that each family member could have their own .puter without a significant financial investment opens up a whole new world of opportunity for most of us. Children, stay at home parents, senior citizens and disabled family members can easily get plugged in to the larger world around them, and going wireless gets us all out into the world more. Similarly, many small businesses struggle to get by with old, unreliable .puters that are stretched thin between employees. To be able to equip each employee with a powerful, affordable .puter expands the business’ potential for growth tremendously. With a price range of $100-$500, mini laptops or notebooks make this a reality for them. Distinguishing Features of Mini Laptops 1.Weighs about two pounds (.pared to the standard laptop’s six pounds) 2.Typical cost is $100-$500 (.pared to $800-$1500 for a standard laptop) 3.Screen is about 7-9 inches wide and backlit (.pared to a standard laptop’s 15 display) 4.Available with Windows XP Pro or Vista, Ubuntu, Linux, MAC operating systems 5.Around 512 to 1 GB of memory and around 20 – 80 GB of storage space 6.Easily upgradable with memory cards and flash drives 7.Low on battery usage 8.Lean, mean and green these smaller .puters carry with them less impact on the environment 9.Software for the basic needs of most people (users can create documents, spreadsheets and presentations, read email, watch videos, listen to music, browse the web, take pictures, instant message, etc.) 10.Enabled for wireless and Bluetooth Keep in Mind Keyboard size is smaller than a standard laptop Look for sturdy casing (usually hard plastic) Look for flexibility in upgrading Make sure needed software is available for specific models Charities and governments worldwide are making great strides with donations of mini laptops. MIT’s One Laptop Per Child project and Intel’s Classmate PC programs are two examples of corporate charity endeavors with global impact. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: