You Can Do It! Form Your Own Divine Will Cenacle And Hold Meetings-若槻ゆうか

Religion Just do it! Just follow this practical guide to starting your own meetings. The following format is a suggestion on conducting your Divine Will meetings. The Meeting should last about two hours; it should be held on a day that is most convenient to the members. The number of people comprising the group should not be greater than 12, although from experience, a group of 8 to 10 is better. This makes it easier for everyone to participate and requires a smaller place in which to hold the meeting. It is best if the people forming the group have more or less the same knowledge and begin the first meeting together. In this way it won’t be necessary to repeat and go back to what has already been learned. If someone in the group has been studying the Divine Will writings for a while, this can help to resolve a few of the questions which normally arise in the meeting as time goes by. It is highly recommended that each group have at least one complete set of the 36 volumes. Everyone should bring to each meeting this Format as well the booklet, The Rounds of the Soul in the Divine Will. We highly recommend that you pray together at least a section of the Rounds. The person in the group who is most familiar with the Divine Will writings can act as Moderator for the group. After reading a passage of the writings, the person most familiar with the writings may be helpful in elucidating the meaning of that particular passage, or in resolving questions or doubts concerning the topic addressed. Nevertheless, this person is only the Moderator and not the one who does or decides everything, nor the one who has the last word concerning doubts or points of doctrine concerning the Divine Will. To resolve differences of opinion, with charity, allow everyone to contribute their opinions freely. For the next gathering, mutually agree upon the chapters to be read, so everyone may prepare during the week with prayer and personal reading. It is very important during the meetings that the doctrine contained in Luisa’s writings be maintained in its integrity. Extraordinary manifestations, such as Messages, Apparitions, etc. should not be introduced because this can cause confusion. There are time limitations and because these other manifestations provoke discussions and differences of opinion, attention is deviated from the main purpose of the Meeting, which is to reflect on what Jesus manifested to Luisa about His Will. In asking this, we are not trying to make a judgment concerning those manifestations. Our personal opinion is some of them are worthy of esteem and respect, others seem to be precious and holy, and others are even accepted by the Church. Nevertheless, for the reasons given, if you wish to discuss them, do so at another time, or after the meeting. If, in spite of this recommendation, this type of commentary should arise, the Moderator, with charity, should ask that this topic be postponed until after the Meeting. For all who begin to know and to live this spirituality, we recommend reading Volume 1 and The Biography of Luisa as soon as the meetings begin. In the Meeting, we recommend studying in order Volumes 2 and 11. At home, we believe everyone should read carefully, yet swiftly, all 36 Volumes to get a complete vision of the grand theme of the Divine Will. For those who wish to know a little background on Luisa, the 36 Volumes of the Divne Will present the day-to-day dialogue between Jesus and the privileged soul Luisa Piccarreta on the science of Living in His Divine Will. Luisa (1865-1947) was a mystic and victim soul (confined to her bed) who lived only on the Eucharist and the Divine Will for 64 years. She was confided with the greatest Mission on Earth since Jesus and Our Blessed Mother, that is to herald the Kingdom of the Divine Will on Earth, a New Era in which man will live the life of Divine Holiness, as originally planned by God. Luisa’s cause for Beatification was opened by Rome in 1994. In order to receive the sublime Gift of the Divine Will, you must read and study its doctrine. If you are interested, visit us at to obtain any or all of the 36 Volumes of the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: