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Reference-and-Education Cuddle Kids Play School & Day Care centre was founded in 1999, with an emphasis on the all round development of children through age appropriate learning activities. The school has also been awarded by ISO 9001:2008 in the recognition of the quality education and facilities being provided to the children by the institution. It is basically a play school, housed in a separate, fully air-conditioned and spacious area of 1032 sq. mts. in Noida with ample amount of facilities for the tiny tots. Cuddle Kids Play School offers a stimulating academic environment, latest facilities, play way method of guidance and activity based learning. The school is like a home outside the home for the little kids who step out of their places for the first time. Since the kids from the age of 3 years to 10 years are taught here, the school provides them with special care under the guidance of expert and professionally trained teachers. To maintain the discipline in the school, it ensures that the teachers make children feel secure. This helps the child to freely express themselves and their creativity. This in turn helps them to develop the skills easily and inculcate them for the lifetime. The school offers the most beautiful medium of learning through the play activities. The students are exposed to touch different objects, feel, explore and learn to understand the world around them. The school also enables the child to read, learn and listen to the views and teachings imparted by the teachers. The child friendly toys and games help the child to discover, imagine and create. The initiative of the Director, Mrs. Anita Bajaj is dedicated towards giving the children, highest quality of education .bined with excellent infrastructure. The facilities provided by the school both supplements and .plements the learning at home. They fulfill every potential of child and ensures an easy transition to the primary school. The school tries to nurture the roots of the little buds giving them an opportunity to blossom socially, emotionally, physically & creatively. The teachers here undergo a regular training and are up to date with latest trends in teaching practices that enable them to understand the psychology of children. The teachers are gentle, alert, and make special efforts to cater to the needs of the children. Since some children listen and learn others learn by doing and some learn well by their own or by interactions, the school offers a multiple teaching approach. There is a variety of defined teaching activities that enables the teachers to effectively create early childhood programs. The beautiful garden of the school takes the children into another world where they learn to value and care the environment. The playing area .prises of all the swings, slides and climbing structures, where child learns to move, climb and balance themselves, under the constant supervision of teachers. The awesome day care facility of the school, engage the students in the constructive activities throughout the day. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: