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Self-Improvement How to tell if he his lying only requires a small amount of attention which is needed to see something out of his normal everyday routine. Only a couple of things are more disappointing than be lied to by your significant other. Be it a long time relationship or a date here and there, you want to be able to trust that person. You probably will not be a 100% sure he is lying, but watching out for certain things about him will aid you with learning how to tell if he is lying or not. 1. Keep a close eye on the body language. Being overly active or just nervous, he could be lying to you. 2. Look for signs of his temperature rising. If he starts to perspire a lot, this could be because he has lied about something. 3. You want him to be more detailed. A lot of times people tend to talk around a subject when telling a lie. You want him to be more specific. Another way how to tell if he is lying is if he really can not come up with answers or slow about presenting them, he could be lying. When he does provide specifics, look for those contradictions. People who lie have a difficult time keeping up with their answers. 4. Also listen for changes in the way they normally speak. Liars tones and patterns usually changes from their normal way of speaking. The pace of the way they speak may be slower or faster. Or they may use words or phrases they would not normally use. A liars voice usually gets higher when lying. 5. Watch the eyes. If he can not look at you or holds head down or looks away when talking to you, he could be lying. People who are lying sometimes are just looking all over the place instead of looking at you to come up with answers. If there is a quick change in the subject, watch out. Liars typically just want to get off the subject because the longer you talk about it, the better chance they have of getting caught in a lie. 6. Another way on how to tell if he is lying is if he really does not want to talk about a certain subject. Maybe he is lying. 7. Give it a while then ask him the same question over again to see if you get the same answers. Liars really can not remember all the lies he told you before. If it is a totally different story, then you know he is lying. Knowing how to tell if he is lying really is not hard. It"s all about being observant and listening closely. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: