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SEO They are everywhere in stores, and at home. Im referring to the mobile marketing target customer. They are shoppers armed with mobile devices they cant seem to put down. As their fingers furiously fly across the screens, I know they are looking for item information, price checks, and discounts. But after reading some statistics, I wonder how many of them are disappointed. There are many retailers who have yet to develop m-commerce apps, eMarketer reports survey findings from AisleBuyer that show only 20% of surveyed retailers had a mobile app allowing usage of their ecommerce site. Effectively, the other 80% are giving ground to these competitors. For those who have developed them, it seems often times theyre not easy to use. From sites that arent optimized for mobile, to crazy checkout processes, these retailers are potentially losing to their mobile savvy competitors. Completing the process Mobile shopping experiences should be easy and fast. According to eMarketer, 56 million mobile users shopped online in 2011, but only about 27 million actually completed a purchase via a mobile device. Some of those numbers may reflect the customers intentions to simply browse. However, from personal experience, I believe some loss is due to frustration. Checkout seems to be one aspect that can make or break the deal. Fewer steps, and ease of navigation makes for a better experience. Simple, and safe payment is another. Something to consider here is that Paypal seems to work well to insure a speedy checkout, and PaySimple works well, especially for small to medium businesses. But often these arent options being offered. Retail giant Home Depot, though, is making the most of the PayPal experience by implementing the system in what is being referred to as a mobile wallet service. You can read more about that here from mobilemarketingwatch. For some insight as to what that roughly 20% of mobile-app friendly retailers are doing, and where there are some gaps to be filled, the functionality stacks up this way: * 87% had a store locator * 74% allowed for browsing catalog * 68% offered promotions and coupons * 68% allowed price checking * 54% were set up for QR scanners * 48% offered product ratings and reviews Are you a part of the other 80%, if so, whats holding you back? For more on how an effective mobile marketing strategy can help you, contact us today. Source: http://avaxusa.com/edge-out-competition-with-mobile-marketing-develop-reliable-mcommerce-apps/ About the Author: 相关的主题文章: