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Business Tele. industry is one industry which includes a massive percentage of engineers, and they are in majority. While the wire line service providers being in the country since many years, the tele. industry experienced its emergence in true sense in the late 1990s with the launch of 1st mobile phone in India. Today, tele. industry in India is quite large with a equal presence of public sector and private service providers, with different market share though. Tele. industry in India gained impetus with the entry of foreign players into the fledgling scenario. And with the entry of foreign .panies, the foreign processes also started having an influence on the Indian side. One of such processes is that of background screening. Employee screening practices have been stringently followed in countries the Europe as well as the US. So the entry into the Indian markets couldnt be an exception to the widely accepted practices. Thus, background verification slowly proved to be an integral part of tele. industry. Since it is just over a decade, background verification has played an effective role in bringing out the fabrications and falsifications. The top background verification .panies have attempted to collate and analyze the data which has brought out some startling numbers. As per one of such top background check .panies in India, a massive 21% of all cases .ing for background verification from the tele. .panies are discrepant. During a check wise analysis, it was revealed that the discrepancy was at a little more than 6%. The maximum number of discrepanices .es from during employment and reference checks, education checks and address checks. It can also be implied that people often tend to f.e and falsify their details pertaining to their employment history, educational background and residences. Even within each check, certain reasons have been found to be the most used ones. Within employment and reference checks, maximum cases have been found to have incorrect tenure which is closely followed by no response from referee and incorrect remuneration, in that very order. With education checks, maximum a little more than 76% of discrepancies have occurred due to mention of fake or unrecognized university, which is followed by submission of fake or f.ed documents and unrecognized course, with 22% and 1.26% respectively. Lastly, maximum number of discrepancies arises because of untraceable addresses, which leads the other two prime reasons, refusal to verify by referee and candidate not residing, with almost 57%. The other two reasons have a contribution of almost 22% and 13% respectively. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: