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Marketing You have heard of SEM and the magic of PPC. But then you are haunted by the big ghostdont know how to do the PPC. Dont worry it is all simpler than you think. All you need is to apply the right mix of strategy. Read on to find out more. SEM or search engine marketing is the process of enabling search engines to do the marketing for your brand. The process employs a number of factors like keywords. In a networked world, people search for products and services on the internet just as they did it in real malls and markets. So since the supply is made available on the internet, you must create your demand on the same platform as well. SEM is just thatmarketing using search engines. Pay Per Click or PPC is a way of advertising in which you pay the owner for hosting your advertisements in his webpage. You pay him each time your ad is clicked by a user. Now that is just like advertising in a newspaper with the difference that in a newspaper you pay the publisher merely for printing you ad in his page. In PPC the site owner allows you to put up your advertisements on his site. But you pay him only when your ad is clicked on. The rules of the game are the same. Keywords are the most important .ponent. This apart, all that applies for proper search engine optimization, holds good for SEO and PPC as well. There are of course a few other things worth keeping in mind. The page to which you direct your audience once you win a click is called the landing page. Many people hyperlink their keywords to their homepage instead of the landing page. That is a strict no-no. Doing this spreads negative vibes among users. If necessary build up a number of landing pages each one dedicated to specific clusters of keywords. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is bringing about such adjustments in your web page that makes you visible in a search engine result. These adjustments make sure that your page shows up higher up on the list when a search is made. Another important thing to mind is the content. If the content is poor or is not .pelling, it will not yield results up to your expectation. Grab hold of passionate content writers who know exactly what you need to talk about your products. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: