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Home-and-Family When looking for the perfect diamond stud earrings, there are several cuts to consider before purchase. Round cuts are the most favored for stud earrings. They also are popular in emerald cuts and tear drops. The shape of the diamond generally determines what it will be used in. Princess cuts are more .mon in rings, while emerald, round, and tear drop are all popular earring shapes. Though diamond rigs are the most popular piece of jewelry, diamond stud earrings are still a popular gift and adornment of many women. Like with other types of jewelry, there needs to be a certain amount of care taken towards their upkeep. Cleaning should be done regularly, and there are plenty of products on the market to keep your jewelry pieces clean. There are ultra sonic jewelry cleaners that are also available that do a great job of cleaning. They should never be exposed to harsh chemicals such as hair spray, hair dye and other hair grooming chemicals. These products contain not only harmful chemicals, but also oil that would otherwise go on the hair. This can be tough to clean without an ultra-sonic cleaner on hand. As an investment they should be purchased through a reputable jeweler. An appraisal of the earrings can be requested at the time of purchase. Jewelry is naturally not cheap, and should even be seen as an investment. Ensuring that you are making a good investment will ease your mind about the large purchase. You may want to consider looking up some basic diamond information prior to visiting the jeweler so you can go into the store informed, and to better be able to pick out a good pair of diamond stud earrings. Aside from the quality, you almost must be able to discern weight and cut, both of which will have a bit effect on price and quality. All diamonds are measured in carats. When shopping around, you will notice the TCW, which is also known as the total carat weight. This will tell you most of what you need to know. When a pair is listed as a 1/2 TCW this means that each one of them weighs 1/4 carat. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: