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UnCategorized Nicki Perchick and her husband had problems concerning their baby’s sleeping habits. He’s up every hour crying. They’re so desperate trying everything but to no avail, so they called for help and tried the method called extinction. This will allow baby cry it out until his tired. The result was successful. Nicki Perchik said afterwards using the technique, "You rock him to a drowsy state, and doesn’t take long. He’s tired; put him in crib we leave the room." Woody Allen, a multi talented genius, may not have so pleasant crib experiences when he was a baby. " He said, "I don’t think my parents liked me. They put a live teddy bear in my crib." Last November 2009, The Herald Sun in Durham, North Carolina reported about Scott family. When Marleisa Scott brought her one year old baby home, there was no crib in the "inn." Being acquainted with SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome the parents were very hesitant with co-sleeping with their baby. Graciously, Cribs for Kids came to rescue and made arrangements acquire crib for child, thus averting what could have been disastrous arrangement. In Maine alone, co-sleeping with parents resulted in infant deaths last October 4,5,6, 2009: three successive deaths in one month alone. With full confidence, parents look to cribs as an ally in making sure their babies are safe. Nicki Perchlik describes it vividly. It also helps cribs make it possible parents enjoy continued comfort in their own beds while babies are cautiously tucked on their own. My five year old came home one day wanting to know what crib means. The sudden onslaught on my grey matter had me mumbling. So I went and had little heart to heart with Merriam Webster. It stared back at me and whispered; I am small child’s bedstead with high enclosing usually slatted sides. I went back to my kid ready to impart him my new found knowledge. He told me not make big fuss out of it. He found it in internet already. So much for Mr. Webster’s book, I finished drinking my coffee. Records of crib’s existence have been chronicled long before its modern use. During early Christian eras, their usefulness is not limited to babies but adults employ them as well. Arguably, cribs have both social and religious history. St. Francis made the first Christmas crib in Latium. These are cribs found in Christmas Belen prominently displayed in Christian churches and homes. In stricter sense, Jesus was born in crib. According to Mr. Webster, mangers are cribs. Seen in murals in early Christian catacombs, cribs were widely used by kings even then. For devout Christian followers, these are mere symbolism of the child Jesus Christ: a king born in a manger. This is another illustration of crib’s religiosity. During the second half of 1600s, modern version baby cribs started to appear. The advent of bigger homes, additional rooms, and wider spaces has found place for it. Presently, most American homes prepare for babies arrival buying crib. For most, child’s nursery is not complete without it. But how safe are cribs, the haven of babies in most American homes? After several years of use, the answers are not encouraging. The trend in increasing crib related deaths known as SID (Sudden Infant Death) has caused much alarm in its usefulness. Fifty (50) deaths and nine thousand (9000) injuries are attributed to it annually in US alone, excluding Canada. Structural defects, personal errors, and accessory related lapses are prevailing causes. In most cases, it has nothing to do with the crib itself, though some faulty designs may have contributed a little. Deaths caused by toxic gasses due to fungi found in mattress, suffocation, vomiting, choking, child abuse, or strangulation have nothing to do with design. Soft or loose bedding, bed sharing, overheating, secondhand smoke, maternal alcohol, illegal drug use, prematurity and stomach and side sleep positions: these involve personal and accessory determinants. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in charge of crib safety, has made millions of crib recalls due to unsafe features the largest of which was 1.2 million cribs in one setting. The cribs’ structural defects cause the side to slide down automatically causing accident. But is there a better alternative? This is for you to decide. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: