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Business Student life is always full of experiences, every time student face challenges of new kind and solve them with own intelligence. Students are always ready to face problems of study and life. When student go abroad for study to leave his home city and country face a new kind of problem name is student ac.modation. It is a big problem face by student in a new strange country. Here are some important points for you when you are going in new country for study. There are many types of student ac.modation available for you to choose from, each having merits and demerits. You can choose room, flat, and share student ac.modation. You can take independent room on rent. You can book a flat on rent and it share with other students. Decision is depend upon you. When you find a student ac.modation keep in mind these things. First of all location of your student ac.modation is important. Students want their stay somewhere that is near to the city centre, shops and college campus. This will save your lot of time of travel. If the ac.modation is not within walking distance to the University or college campus you must ensure there is an easy transport system to get there. Students also tend to enjoy living alongside other students, by this increase your familiarity with other students. The area of the ac.modation is also important, in some areas student population is high and price of property is also high and by this reason ac.modation rent is also high in that area. If you choose this for ac.modation then your budget of living is high. If you want stay in affordable rent then you choose some other area where student population is low and price of property is less. Next point to consider is that when you share your room with other person who is totally strange for you, it is important for you must know him record of criminal activity and any other. If you know him already then there is no problem. If he is involving any criminal activity, in future you will face problem because he stay with you. Another point of consideration is work of room, when you stay in room and utilize it. You prepare a timetable and list of works for cleanliness of room. You equally divide all the work within roommates. Assign the work according to list work to all members of room and shared house. Student ac.modation when it is share by many students budget of living is very less. You share all the expanses of living like food, water, and electricity bill. By this your budget of living is economic and save money can spend on other study expenses. This also low your budget of study. Because a big share of your study budget is goes to ac.modation. Shared ac.modation is the best option to decrease your budget. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: