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Home-Improvement If you are looking for a fast and easy way of improving your sleeps quality, then you might want to consider shopping around for adjustable beds Ocala. Adjustable beds are mechanically operated, thus you can raise or lower your foot or head portion of the bed. These beds have been around since the Middle Ages and were first used to provide .fort to patients. However, with time, these beds are no longer reserved to those with poor health or the disabled. Thanks to advancement in technology, manufacturers have improved the overall design, look ease of operation and quality of adjustable beds. In addition, you can also find beds with inbuilt heat and massage stimulators. You can also recline your bed at will. You can now enjoy some luxury with an adjustable bed without spending much money. Adjustable beds are associated with several benefits. In fact, the Federal Food and Drug Administration, FDA has acknowledge that although there is no proof that these beds provide cure, still these beds can be used to aid in the treatment of several conditions and afflictions as they provide a lot of support and .fort. Most practitioners believe that confining patients to these beds in a certain position can help speed up their recovery process. Here are some of the instances of medical conditions that adjustable beds can help with the healing process. 1.Acid reflux disease This is a condition where the acid from the stomach rises up to the esophagus. This usually leads to the rise in hurt burn risks. Alongside the drug, if a patient sleeps with their head somewhat elevated, then this can help keep stomach acid where it should be. 2.Degenerative spondylolisthesis By sleeping in a reclining position with added support under the knees, a patient with back pain can find relief. 3.Spinal stenosis For these patients, it is advisable that they sleep in a reclining position. This position imitates the action of being bent forward, which is more relaxing than laying or standing up straight. 4.Osteoarthritis The bed gives better support thus minimizing joint .pression. Thus, if you are suffering from this condition, then you will experience less soreness and stiffness of the spine and joints when you wake up from an adjustable bed. Looking for adjustable beds? Be sure to visit DrSnooze for the best adjustable air beds Ocala, Florida today. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: