The woman in the room were several men screaming unbearable shock (Figure) (video)-jcuv是什么车

The woman in the room were several men screaming unbearable shock (Figure) several men in the room of a woman screaming constantly shock scene in November 9th, upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter from Jiangsu Province, Nantong City, Tongzhou District Public Security Bureau was informed that the network transmission shocks several men in a room of a woman "video, the prompt attention and investigation, the evening of 8 officers arrested 5 suspects. 7 evening, a number of naked men shock a woman video spread on the internet. Show less than 1 minutes long video clips in a room, a naked man continues to shock a defenseless woman, next to the three or four men holding a mobile phone in the crowd shot. Man woman back the sound of shock type, women’s piercing cry, let the video people worried; in contrast, is the violence and crowd of men’s laughter issued from time to time, heinous. Some netizens said, according to the dialogue in the video accent, the parties should be Jiangsu, Nantong, Tongzhou people. In the video, the man asked the woman who was shocked, "did you run? Did you go back?" the woman answered, "not go back" after being electrocuted". Therefore, some netizens speculated that the incident may be related to women being forced to prostitution by several men. However, due to too little information, the identity of men and women in the video, why the woman suffered electric shock and so on, and is not clear. November 9th, the reporter from Jiangsu, Nantong province Tongzhou District Public Security Bureau official micro @ Jiangsu Tongzhou public security was informed that, for the 7 night of this network transmission video, the Bureau of rapid attention and involvement in the investigation. On the evening of November 8th, the task force captured 5 officers, such as Cao et al. At present, the case is under further review. In this video, Beijing famous lawyer Zhu Mingyong said, if you can confirm that the woman in the video after the shock of the man said "do not run", then a few men’s behavior may be suspected of illegal detention. Because a few men shut a woman into the room without letting the other go away, and use the violent and threatening measures such as electric shock, the crime of illegally depriving others of personal freedom has been carried out. According to the provisions of the criminal law, guilty of the crime of illegal detention, 3 years imprisonment, criminal detention, control or deprivation of political rights, with beatings, insults circumstances, be severely punished; guilty of the crime of illegal detention causing serious injury, 3 years more than 10 years of fixed-term imprisonment; commit the crime of illegal detention causing death, with imprisonment of over 10 years, in accordance with the violent deaths caused by intentional injury or intentional homicide crime punishment.

女子房间内被数名男子电击 惨叫连连令人不忍(图) 数名男子房间内电击一女子 现场惨叫不断 11月9日,上游新闻-重庆晨报记者从江苏省南通市通州区公安分局获悉,就网传“数名男子在一房间内电击一女子”的视频,该局迅速关注并立案侦查,8日晚将5名涉案人员抓获。7日晚上,一段数名赤膊男子电击一女子的视频在网上传开。时长不足1分钟的视频片段显示,在一房间内,一名赤膊男子不断电击一名毫无反抗力的女子,旁边还有三四名男子拿着手机在围观拍摄。男子电击女子背部发出的声响、女子撕心裂肺式的叫喊,让看过视频的人揪心;与之形成对比的,是施暴与围观男子不时发出的嬉笑声,令人发指。有网友称,根据视频里的对话口音,当事人应该是江苏南通通州人。视频中,施暴男子曾问被电击女子“还跑吗?还回去吗?”,女子在被电击后回答称“不回去了”。因此,部分网友猜测,事件可能与女子被几名男子胁迫卖淫有关。不过,由于信息太少,视频中男女的身份、女子为何遭受电击等情况,并不明了。11月9日,记者从江苏省南通市通州区公安分局官微@江苏通州公安获悉,针对7日晚上的这段网传视频,该局迅速关注并介入调查。11月8日晚,专案组抓获曹某等5名涉案人员。目前,案件正在进一步审查中。就此视频,北京著名律师朱明勇表示,如果能确认视频中女子是在遭受男子电击后表示“不跑了”,那么几名男子的行为可能涉嫌非法拘禁。因为,几名男子把一个女子关到房间里不让对方离开,并且使用了电击这样的暴力和威胁手段,已经实施了非法剥夺他人人身自由的犯罪行为。根据我国刑法的规定,犯非法拘禁罪的,处3年以下有期徒刑、拘役、管制或者剥夺政治权利,具有殴打、侮辱情节的,从重处罚;犯非法拘禁罪致人重伤的,处3年以上10年以下有期徒刑;犯非法拘禁罪致人死亡的,处10年以上有期徒刑,暴力致人死亡的依照故意伤害或者故意杀人罪处罚。相关的主题文章: