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Sichuan Nvping first won the national champion Zhu Yuling Zhu Yuling scored two points of Huaxi Dushi Bao (reporter Ceng Jie) in 2016 September 23rd, the women’s team final table tennis national championship, the Sichuan team to score 3:1 victory over the Shanxi team, won the National Women’s team championship tournament for the first time the highest. Among them, 95 after Zhu Yuling Li Xiaodan and Wu Yang flower row, in Sichuan’s case of a poor start, one with two points, especially in the showdown with Li Xiaodan, she lost the passive situation, in the first two tiebreaker behind the successful counter attack, the Sichuan team morale rose. Sichuan Nvping won, since this is Qiu Yike since 2013 as the Sichuan team coach, led the first team won the national champion. After the game, the audience shouting the name of Qiu Yike, a tribute he successfully completed the transition from the table tennis player to coach. The evening of September 25th, when reporters call the Sichuan team coach Qiu Yike, in Liaoning Anshan, his voice hoarse voice said tired, declined: "I am the game do coaching, being inconvenient interview." Then, Meng Xinyu, the head of the Sichuan table tennis team, interviewed the reporters on the way to buy the dinner for the athletes. Earlier, in 2015 2014, Zhu Yuling won the China Open champion, and in the team, the Sichuan team won the 2014 National Championships women’s runner up, therefore, the Nvping group won a record in history. Meng Xinyu said, Zhu Yuling in the Olympic Games before and after a long time did not participate in the competition, the body condition and the competition did not feel too good, under the circumstances, she is still a strong will and hard work, a strong opponent of crush one by one. Talk about the victory, Zhu Yuling told reporters: "for the first time and historical breakthrough, these miracle words, I feel very happy. Beat the opponent one hundred times, it is better to beat yourself once, believe that the future will be pleasantly surprised.

四川女乒首夺全国团体冠军 朱雨玲独得两分 朱雨玲华西都市报讯(记者曾洁)9月23日,在2016年乒乓球全国锦标赛女团决赛上,四川队以大比分3:1战胜山西队,首次夺得全国最高赛事女团冠军。其中,95后小花朱雨玲连胜李晓丹和武杨,在四川队开局不利的情况下,一人贡献两分,特别是在与李晓丹的对决中,她在前两局失利、决胜局落后的被动局面下成功逆袭,令四川队士气大涨。四川女乒夺冠,这也是邱贻可自2013年出任四川女队主教练以来,首次带队夺得全国团体冠军。比赛结束后,全场观众高喊着邱贻可的名字,致敬他顺利完成了从乒乓球国手向教练员的转型。9月25日晚,当记者致电四川女队主教练邱贻可,身在辽宁鞍山的他语气疲惫、声音沙哑地表示婉拒:“我正在比赛现场做场外指导,暂时不方便接受采访。”之后,四川省乒乓球队领队孟新宇在去给运动员购买晚餐的路上,接受了记者的采访。此前,朱雨玲在2014、2015年蝉联中国公开赛女单冠军,而在团体赛方面,四川女队2014年获得过全国锦标赛女团亚军,因此,这次女乒团体夺冠,创下史上最好成绩。孟新宇透露,朱雨玲在奥运会前后有很长时间没参加比赛,身体状态和比赛感觉并不太好,在此情况之下,她仍然凭借顽强的意志和拼搏,各个击破了强大的对手。谈及这次的胜利,朱雨玲告诉记者:“第一次和历史突破、奇迹这些字眼沾边,感觉很开心。战胜对手一百次,不如战胜自己一次,相信未来还会有惊喜。相关的主题文章: