Zhejiang fishing boat collided with the Greek oil tanker sank after the collision of 6 people lost c-carmex润唇膏

Zhejiang fishing boats and Greek oil tanker sank after the collision drowning 6 people lost contact (Figure) at 10 pm on October 28th, Taizhou maritime search and rescue center with Zhejiang maritime search and rescue center reported that the Greek tanker "Aurora" and "Zhejiang Ling fishing 91002 fishing boat off the coast of Taizhou in collision," all 6 Zhejiang 91002 Yu Ling "the boat fell into the water, unaccounted for. After receiving the report, Taizhou maritime search and rescue center immediately launched the emergency plan, organize forces search and rescue efforts, and called "Aurora Australis" stationed at the scene to participate in search and rescue. At the same time, the issue of navigational warnings required to assist the search and rescue ships. They also informed Yuhuan, Wenling municipal government, the organization of other relevant forces involved in search. As of press time, the East China Sea rescue 111 and the East China Sea Fleet warships, "Zhejiang Yu Yu Yun 10658", "Zhejiang Ling Yu Yun 31092, like Zhejiang Yu Yun 31001 and has been rushed to the scene of the accident," Zhejiang Ling Yu 91046 "," Zhejiang Ling Yu Yun 23505, Zhejiang Ling Yu Yun 23853 "," Zhejiang Ling Yu Yun 91099 "Ship Search and rescue at the scene. A new round of cold air southward along the coast of Taizhou, wind up to 9 winds, gusts 10, to bring some difficulty in maritime search and rescue. Currently, maritime search and rescue work is being carried out. Reporter correspondent Chen Fangda Wu Zhangqiang Chen Dong相关的主题文章: