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Got high blood pressure, blood pressure drops to how many just right? Sohu health different people, different standards of blood pressure, how much should you control it? The following answers came from Dr. Jiang Yongrong, who was admitted to the medical department of Cardiology and asked questions. Hello, doctor jiang! I am a high blood pressure patients, has been eating antihypertensive drugs, but I would like to ask how much to reduce the number of hypertension is appropriate? Hypertension patients should pay attention to what habits, to control the occurrence of other complications? Jiang Yongrong 1 hypertension patients with the goal of reducing blood pressure control of the 2 most critical is to control blood pressure standards, so adhere to medication is the key. 3 healthy lifestyle at any time, for any patients with hypertension (including high normal blood pressure), is effective treatment, can reduce blood pressure, control of other risk factors and the clinical situation. The role of lifestyle interventions in lowering blood pressure and cardiovascular risk must be used in all patients. The main measures include: more high blood pressure related problems, and Dr. Jiang Yongrong? Long press the two-dimensional code below, one to one private doctor. Editor: Begonia picture source: 123rf genuine picture library reprint please indicate the source email: doctor@dxy相关的主题文章: