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Network anchor Liangshan fake charity pretend to send money to live on the recovery (Figure) spread in the network of this video, become part of the "volunteer" false charity evidence. Network anchor pseudo charity money back again after pretending to live for the villagers to send money, real-time broadcast network platform, however, let everyone think that live over, they put the money to the villagers away. Recently, a video circulated on the Internet, has become a breakdown of a group of pseudo charity volunteers wearing armor". In the video, two men in the webcast live on the platform to do charity, arranged in Liangshan (micro-blog) a village stood in two rows, followed by shooting live, shot, one of them the money sent to the local villagers, and live after, these people from the villagers took out the money. After the event, the money man admitted that the first money to shoot the video, and then take back after the film, really is their own, the purpose is to increase the number of fans and watch the amount, so that fans and more gift brush". Pseudo charity video network anchor to the villagers live money again back in the video, a man wearing a black shirt away from the screen, walking and said, "will be sent to you that ah.." behind him, another man from a group of young and old hands back a stack of $100 note. Then handed to the black man, the man in black, while buried a few money, while greeting, take things kazakhstan." Put the money in the bag, and then shouted, continue to shoot, lined up, lined up, we continue to shoot!" A group of children around the car trunk to get something. This period corresponds with the spread of Internet video, is another video, the same place, the same group of people, the black man standing on the side of the elderly and children, hand waving a stack of RMB, "you are black powder, iron powder, I must do what my brother Jie said, promised to the 30 thousand all the money sent to the village.. 15 of the poorest families, 2000 yuan per person." The black man in the finish lines, the money will be one by one handed the hands behind the villagers. Until the money outflow in the network video, broadcast platform to watch their charity the audience can see light suddenly, originally thought to be a "devotion of love", in the end is just a show. Mr. Zhao has been using the network broadcast software told reporters, he began to give their non-stop praise, in the hope that they can persist and continue to do public service, did not think that they should be so fooled the public support for their welfare. The parties acknowledge that indeed the money after the back, only to live up, fly through the investigation, the reporter learned that the video money man is a network anchor "live hand brother Jie", a recent period of time, "fast Jie brother" are on the platform and several other anchor pinch each other, in the "pseudo charity accused each other". After the video exposure, he told reporters that he was stolen video. "The old man they send money back after I can find out, all in Butuo County, I did not like the villain as their candid." For this video, the anchor some angry. In the video, he also drying out the opponent’s video, once together charity of the northeast "wolf" fast "black uncle" became his secret object. "I am Cheng Huai相关的主题文章: