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No ordinary way! Lugu Lake walking through to Aden classic 1 – Sohu to Daocheng tourism Lugu Lake hiking through Aden was once the most classic China walking through one of the lines, with the passage of time with this line from advocating fewer and fewer people, to go now is more rare, once in ten years ago through once, but that was the whole summer, basically in the rain, walking very collapse. After several years, suddenly want to go this line once a time at a certain time in late autumn. Came to the Lugu Lake in the past few days has been raining, on the first day of the night before still want to, rain has been so go on, for hikers is a nightmare, the weather is getting cold, don’t walk again may encounter heavy snow. So we pray that the weather will be fine when we start. We don’t know is God, or my luck has always been good at departure day morning, I could feel the bright golden light, then immediately took out the camera, in the morning, the sun from the clouds and light will calm lake shining cloud rising in Chaoyang in the earthquake, the fog is golden, with water waves, wind around the golden mist filled the air, as if a huge warm pool, the lake Ge Sanghua bloom under the sunshine more dazzlingly beautiful, which I also saw the Lugu Lake the most beautiful sunrise, we are the good omen of our success. Everything looks like a dream, like a fairyland in the dream only appear scenery quietly floating on the lake on the pig trough boat dispersed the morning mist, the lake has sacrificed charming blue, like a blue sky blue mirror reflection to the clear lake. The little boat near the lake, the tourists began to go boating lake island cruise broke the quiet of the lake, but also adds the vitality of our drive to place Yongning hot springs for hiking this quiet place, this is captured in the blue sky white clouds, like a huge cotton sugar. First came to the town to purchase the trip to the supplies, fuel, vegetables eight days required for fruit, all kinds of supplies, some people actually have two packages of sanitary napkins, is said to be the long-distance hiking. Eight on the road can not be selling vegetables, so with a little more vegetables, adequate vitamin supplement beef is a powerful guarantee for the ability to provide, in when we bought nearly ten pounds of beef in addition to eat along the rice, vegetables, meat, daily necessaries, but also to buy cooking pots and other supplies finally buy five flags, the hiker, a total of five, we must be on foot after the completion of the flags hanging from the highest pass, we will celebrate the success of these materials through the final package car, went on to the hot springs, the foot of the starting point. The old hot springs in the horse and groom had waited for a long time, the car full of goods under us?, start to put on the horse! This used four mules loaded eight days required materials, and of course our own luggage, all kinds of tents, sleeping bags, moisture-proof pad and so on. Five brothers on foot, a photo before departure.相关的主题文章: