The State Council 10· 31 special major gas explosion accident investigation team set up-nrf905

The State Council "10· 31" major gas explosion accident investigation team set up the newspaper news (reporter Zhou Song) in November 2nd, the State Council "10· the accident investigation team held its first plenary meeting in the city Yongchuan District 31 major gas explosion", arrangements for the investigation work, and resolutely implement the requirements of the general secretary Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang on safety production important instructions instructions, uphold the serious, rigorous scientific and highly responsible attitude, quickly carry out the investigation, a thorough investigation of the cause of the accident, the accident responsibility, according to the law dealt with directly responsible and relevant responsible person, serious of national law and disciplinary rules, to the party and the people a responsible explanation. October 31st, the city of Yongchuan Jinshan Coal Mining Co., Ltd. gas explosion occurred, killing 33 people were killed. Approved by the State Council, the State Council set up the accident investigation team, the national security supervision bureau Party Secretary Yang Huanning served as head of the State Administration of safety supervision, the Ministry of supervision, the National Federation of trade unions, the national coal Supervision Bureau, Chongqing municipal government responsible comrades as deputy leader, invited the Supreme People’s Procuratorate to participate, under the technical group, management group accountability group and integrated group and other four special groups. The meeting pointed out that the accident caused serious damage to the lives and property of the people, the impact is very bad, very profound lesson. The meeting stressed that the accident investigation work should fully reflect the CPC Central Committee and State Council on the safety of the people’s well-being of the deep concern and attention to the work of production safety. To adhere to the scientific attitude, earnestly carry out the on-site investigation, visits inquirer, technical appraisal, simulation experiment and the organization of experts, should pay close attention to the fire point, explosion shock wave, the victims of such traces were analyzed and identified scientifically, provide reliable evidence support for accident investigation. To adhere to the law in accordance with regulations to perform their duties, do qualitative compliance procedures, standards compliance, irrefutable evidence, accurate; responsible for the accident and related responsible persons, regardless of what people involved, no matter what the background, to check the inventory, a check in the end, according to the law seriously. To adhere to a comprehensive survey, extensive collection of information to encourage the masses to provide clues, and timely release of information to respond to social concerns. Yang Huanning requirements, should earnestly draw lessons from the accident, giving top priority to take lessons from the accident into an important basis to revise and improve the laws and regulations, system, mechanism. Recently, according to the notification requirements of the safety committee under the State Council, fully and strictly carry out safety inspections, especially prominent coal mine closure plan included in the small coal mines, according to the law of the suspend production for rectification suspend production for rectification, the immediate closure of the closed immediately, leaving the "transition period" "withdrawal period", to prevent the emergence of the last crazy". To resort to deceit, thorough investigation of strict super layer cross-border, without authorization to resume production and other illegal acts, to mobilize the masses to actively report, once verified, rewarded. To accelerate the coal mine gas, water and other major disasters, special rectification, and improve the implementation of preventive measures. The safety supervision departments and dereliction of duty, abuse of power, breach of privilege and even engage in the transfer of benefits, to act as "umbrella" for illegal small coal mines, must be severely punished according to the law, never justifying)相关的主题文章: