600 km after the rescue of soldiers in Heihe after 90 sudden myocardial infarction emergency hospita freyja

600 kilometers rescue Heihe 90 soldiers sudden heart attack emergency hospital life daily news October 8th 4, Heihe frontier soldiers Guan Wei heart attacks, because of serious need to harbin. In this way, a big rescue in the National Day holiday night launched. According to reports, Guan Wei sudden myocardial infarction, due to local disposal, the urgent need to go to No.2 Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University from Heihe. In Heihe local media communication, provincial media promptly respond to contact the hospital opened Easy Access. Harbin loving brother also action, drive to the high-speed road. According to the Heihe frontier army instructor Zhao Delu, Guan Wei was born in 1992, Shanxi, next year. Through the linkage of both the military and Heihe to Harbin, a total of more than and 600 kilometers, usually takes more than 6 hours, the day has just 4.5 hours for the valuable time for the treatment of. After No.2 Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University experts and military doctors assigned to consult with the doctor, the diagnosis of arterial dissection, if the heart beat faster may lead to rupture of blood vessels. After surgical treatment, the current Wei Wei is still in the intensive care unit. (Shi Jikai)相关的主题文章: