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Tomorrow the stock market conjecture: central mother water main jianhaojiushou sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor to help stocks masters 20 years experience veteran Jiepan Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities opened slightly higher, incremental funding approach to push the index shock Chonggao, afternoon gaosongzhuan and time shares zapan, dampened market sentiment to do more. Take the lead in the gem diving, except motherboard barely received infrared, other indices are in the green plate close. Disk point of view, PPP is the biggest highlight of the day, subject shares fell across the board. Two, a total of 33 stocks closed limit, the total turnover of 560 billion 700 million, again to enlarge the volume. 1 policy conjecture: central mother water: 65% in order to keep the probability of achieving reasonably adequate liquidity in the banking system, combined with MLF expires 123 billion 200 million yuan, the central bank [micro-blog]9 7 July to 15 financial institutions to carry out MLF operation a total of 275 billion yuan, of which 6 months 194 billion yuan, 81 billion yuan for 1 years, and the interest rate on the flat 2.85%, 3%, respectively. The open market this week, a total of 390 billion yuan and 123 billion 200 million yuan MLF reverse repurchase expires, the central bank today is the inverse repurchase operation period of 20 billion and 7 days and 10 billion and 14 days, the central bank is now for 6 months and one year period of MLF operation, the release of liquidity is relatively long, good is more obvious! 2 main conjecture: jianhaojiushou probability: 70% this week as the main market to save, early PPP concept soared again, but at stagflation obvious high after late fall, more than just the ticket smashed. The third batch of PPP announced the time getting closer, the continuous surge after the main funds have been lucrative, today there are signs of retreat, is expected tomorrow jianhaojiushou probability! 3 guess: dropping rebound probability: 65% yesterday the market today seems to let people have good sense of being again, in fact, although late suddenly down, but to understand the market must set aside time chart, see above the gem refers to the 60 minute chart at a glance, the typical ascending triangle breakthrough + end step back, just to the blue platform foot, good shape! As long as the gem refers to 2210 points up, follow the trend of a wave of good will come to you, at the moment can not be anxious to kill off type stepped back to scare. Operational recommendations, technology continues to be held up, short-term customers looking for the bottom of the second tier blue chip. 4 market conjecture: sideways adjustment probability: 70% closing down, mainly due to the popularity of the new drag plate diving, and gaosongzhuan today sell, has short kinetic energy released in full, tomorrow will not lead to stabilize stabilized probability, Shenfutiaozheng market. This volume failed to stand on the 3100 point mark, the entire market pressure, after four with positive copy chassis is more substantial profits, short-term adjustment pressures, tomorrow sideways, the probability of short-term selling pressure digestion. 5 hot conjecture: the resumption of share two plate upside probability: 75% shares resume trading since the resumption of major positive articles, during the first half of the market to maintain the overall upward trend, so there are compensatory growth opportunities, short-term continuous pull plate, has become the current market star stocks with strong popularity, the main funding to high on相关的主题文章: