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"Demon cat" exposure set Kaige Chen "studio three snapshots of the king" – Kaige Chen Qin Hao of Sohu entertainment studio shot "demon cat" director Kaige Chen [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news director Kaige Chen’s movie "demon cat biography" is Hubei hot shot in Xiangyang, from Someya Masata, Zhang Yuqi, Huang Xuan exposure Qin Hao, the first wave of the squad since it is triggered concern. Today a fresh film footage, with the audience approached "studio three number one, the agile, serving with the" shooting athletes "is not for others, is the director Kaige Chen. The director of a counter work strict in demands appearance, being shot to capture "old children" figure, the embodiment of the "king of children and working staff" playing shooting game, showing a rare lovely side.     Institute director Kaige Chen, most people will quickly think of the "fifth generation", "Farewell to My Concubine", "yellow land", but few people know his sports level and directing skill as well. The trailer, director Kaige Chen first pitched guidance two starring Acting: "two people shift", the next screen will play big heart, the embodiment of the "king of the children" and they mingle, grabbed the paper, crumpled, set the shooting posture, lightweight leap, to the distant "basket" — trash in. Three not in others, booing "full play basket", "change the solution director, Kaige Chen smiled and said:" the front is funny you play." Then move from the "real" — ten hair in, accurate shooting posture, as athletes on the field, winning applause. Since August "demon cat" has been three months of shooting, the tension in the studio, Kaige Chen’s camera to capture these "child king" figure. The movie "demon cat" by Huang Xuan, Someya Masata, Zhang Yuqi, starring Qin Hao, Kaige Chen is the director of six years of the Tang Dynasty sword, reproduce. Story from the famous Japanese writer Baku yumeimakura super popular fantasy novel "Salmonella Konghai", tells the story of a man’s mouth demon cat stirred the city of Changan, the poet Bai Letian and the monk Kukai teamed up to make a probe, was deliberately buried in the truth surfaced story.相关的主题文章: