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Do not understand "W"? At least to read Li Zhongshuo’s outfit thematic planning Xiao Hua topic Author Information Times reporter Ji Yuanyuan intern a year Jingjing brain hole two drama "W- world" the latest ratings, is on a downward trend, the Zaizheng screenwriter song seems to be no limit the cost of the hole in the brain. From the initial breakthrough dimension wall romantic journey, to now become a murderous bursting of horror stories, people eat melon unknown so by screenwriter to another from one world to walk, they will be too tired to love ". However, this drama can always take drama champion, was also a lot of fans support. The set value, Yan and acting in a [micro-blog] (Li Zhongshuo Er Shuo), on occasion powder lot, he played the first show his overbearing president, good sister Liao skill, attracted fans anthomaniac in front of the screen screaming. Even more interesting is that the model was born Li Zhongshuo, the last time in the play to show their own clothes hanger expertise, writing a fashion belonging to the president of the president. For the writers of the brain hole can not understand the audience, may wish to focus on two Shuo body! Key words: trench coat hanger is propped up without pressure in Europe and the big two "W- world", played by Li Zhongshuo Jiang Zhe from the Olympic champions J& and W Global on behalf of the owner of the channel, the 30 year old has become a 800 billion won the chaebol assets. Li Zhongshuo made his debut for so many years, the roles are mostly poor students and poor youth, this is not easy to play a rich man, of course with the role of a good light, wearing expensive clothes hangers, don’t waste this pair of "thin waist, shoulder, leg length of the body material. In the brand, Li Zhongshuo is a favorite of Italy brand Dolce& Gabbana, the brand he went through in the first episode of the game when a black and white striped suit, followed by the second set is wearing this brand of denim shirt, the price of 1 million 800 thousand won (about 11000 yuan). From the comic world to the real world, Li Zhongshuo wore a full black Givenchy suit, is also very eye-catching. In addition to clothing, Li Zhongshuo in the show wearing a watch is also a net friend is expensive goods, including Roger Dubuis, Rotary and other brands. One of the Roger Dubuis watch price up to 339 thousand yuan. Sure enough, the standard is the nouveau riche watches. He not only to their own generosity, the play to the heroine of the heroine Wu Yanzhu’s engagement ring, but also Chanel’s ring. There are many benefits of playing the president of the bully, open luxury car is one of them. Li Zhongshuo as Jiang Zhe was discharged from the hospital in the second set, was driving a red Lotus Evora, worth more than one million yuan. Keywords: Sao suave dressed than girls are fine, in accordance with the "W- two world" set, Li Zhongshuo as President Jiang Zhe humorous, deeply loved the Korean people, playing with the wind)相关的主题文章: