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Pro license vehicles accounted for emergency Lane will not be fined? Police: don’t be lucky – Beijing check methods of Expressway in addition to video surveillance, will have a special police patrol along the way, there will be punishment as long as the UAV enforcement is invaded by the emergency Lane in non emergency situations, will be fined 200 yuan deducted 6 points yesterday, some people claimed that in the Mid Autumn Festival small holiday the day before, in the way one (Chengdu to Leshan) at high speed, because the car congestion, illegal occupation of the emergency lane has appeared, and in these illegal vehicles, some only a temporary license plate of the vehicle. "Yet the brand new car, occupying the emergency Lane how punishment?" In yesterday’s Mid Autumn Festival holiday return peak comes into the high speed traffic police by monitoring and set up the way of temporary license vehicles occupying the emergency lane were intercepted punishment, police remind drivers are not on the official license, do not have not be monitoring probe to take chances. People broke the news: unlicensed vehicle emergency Lane occupied a day before the Mid Autumn Festival, Guo people from Chengdu through Chengya Expressway back home in Leshan, "in the afternoon after entering Xinjin, Lane Chengle, in front of the accident caused serious traffic jam." At this point, some vehicles began to occupy the emergency Lane traffic. Mr. Guo found in the emergency lane occupancy vehicle, some unlicensed vehicles, "in nearly an hour of congestion periods, at least more than and 10 cars take the emergency car to pass, half of which are without a licence." As everyone knows, the illegal behavior monitoring is to capture the vehicle, through the recognition of the license plate, the plate of the vehicle is not so lucky to escape punishment? Guo said, can not determine whether these unlicensed vehicles on the pro brand new car, or 4S store to be sold." Yesterday the Mid Autumn Festival holiday return peak before the arrival, the reporter went to the Chengya Highway Traffic Police Brigade, by monitoring the highway, there are some unlicensed vehicles occupying the emergency lane, but only by monitoring, the vehicle can not be determined and the owners of the information. Temporary license illegal vehicle was fined 200 yuan deducted 6 points yesterday at around 2 pm, Chengya highway toll station in Chengdu City, return the vehicle start line station, the vehicle "length of about 200 meters. Individual vehicles choose to occupy the emergency Lane overtaking, in a high-speed traffic police brigade into the control room, the number of illegal vehicles license plate was monitored accurately recorded the probe down. About 2:50, an unlicensed white SUV stuck in the 200 meters away from the toll station location of the lane, but the car did not wait until the road is smooth, but the right turn into the emergency lane, occupying the emergency lane after about 50 meters into the next gas station. Monitoring room immediately picked up the police walkie talkie, a colorless unlicensed vehicles into the gas station, has evidence of emergency lane occupancy behavior." When the traffic police blocked down, the driver looked blankly, claws?" Reporters found that this car Baojun brand SUV placed a temporary license plate in the car, valid for September 23, 2016, after the police inquiry, vehicle and temporary license no problem, "we monitored, you in the high-speed road相关的主题文章: