The children in the Kindergarten Education Bureau battered the batterer is my aunt-cad2012序列号和密钥

The children in the Kindergarten Education Bureau: battered the batterer is aunt China youth network October 14 Yulin Xinhua (reporter Sun Zhao) yesterday, a video circulated on the Internet, picture display, Qin town in Yulin District of Yuyang City, a kindergarten, a woman sitting in the beating of a child. The video caused great repercussions in the local Yulin, a number of Internet social networking platform appeared in the video, more netizens claimed to be "human" violence against women. In this period of about 1 minutes and 50 seconds in the video, the woman entered the classroom, constantly beating the children of the head and face, and his head hit the desk, after the child will be dragged to the ground, then a dozen children stampede abdomen, followed by a series of young children will be kicked a few feet under the desk. In the video, the woman to leave, but back to violence. According to China youth network reporter, after the incident, the child father had sign posts for help, "I’m four years old children were beaten in the classroom in September 21, 2016 7 in the morning in Yuyang port district team kindergarten school, for my son’s physical and psychological caused great trauma, brought great disaster to family." This morning, the Yuyang District Education Bureau of China Youth Network to confirm the content of the video is, has been involved in the investigation. A staff member told reporters that the batterer is not the kindergarten teacher, but the child’s aunt. A signed Yuyang district town of Qin mouth team note shows, the woman with the card into the kindergarten. The incident will be the first time the zoo to play children sent to the hospital, was diagnosed as facial soft tissue contusion". Currently batterer has been detained by the local public security organs. It is understood that the incident due to family economic dispute, after fruitless mediation with the father, the woman entered the kindergarten nephew beat out. After the incident, discussion on the network, many users understand the facts mistake the batterer judgment for kindergarten teachers. After the incident, many insiders expressed their views through the network. Friends @ amnesia in memory 55 said, "please don’t see the video to associate is a teacher of children, people are meat, so don’t look at the surface, as long as the experience that the teachers in this industry is more sad." Netizen "ccha19491001" said: "now that the situation is hit for the child’s aunt, because of the contradictions between adults to hit the child jingfangxingju. At the same time, the existence of security vulnerabilities of kindergarten are terrible, halfway into the chilling did not stop. In the event the perpetrators must be punished, the kindergarten as the first guardian, a stranger in the scope of protection of children’s violence but not in time to stop and help this is chilling and the main cause of anger." Users cherish all hard won 317, said: do you understand the situation? Such nonsense? The child was hit who heartache. As a kindergarten teacher, I am more angry is that your indiscriminate mistakes are pushed on the teacher. Currently, Yuyang District Bureau of education has been the results of the survey feedback to the Propaganda Department, the official announcement will be issued to 7相关的主题文章: