Denmark was the first country in the world to find Amber sql server 2000 个人版

Denmark is the world’s first country in Qing Dynasty found amber grain white amber ring cap is twisted (original title: Qing Dynasty twisted silk pattern of white amber annular cap is Denmark) is the world’s first found Amber Country, near the Baltic Sea countries such as Sweden, Germany, Poland, Ukraine and other countries can produce amber. The largest amber mine is located in russia. Other countries such as China, Burma, Dominica, Italy, Romania and other countries, but also has a distinctive amber. Chinese as the "Silk Road", the history of Europe, there is a famous "Amber Road", the trade and cultural exchange channel, by the Danish under the Baltic coast of Haikou to the Mediterranean, Persia, India, China and even further afield. Many kinds of amber color, a common brown yellow, lemon yellow, orange, red brown, dark brown, but overall, with a brown tone. In the natural amber, white is a very rare color, accounting for about 1% – 2% of the total, with its natural variety of texture features. This natural amber is also known as the "Royal amber" or "bone perot". It can be associated with a variety of colors (such as yellow, black, blue, green), forming a beautiful pattern. The average number of bubbles per cubic millimeter of amber can be up to one million, so that the light becomes white. Hat is also called the cap, commonly known as a piece of jade". Wu "accurate", "positive" sound, so called "cap", which belongs to the decoration on the hat. Are round, large small flat and flat, has a trunk under the eyes, hanging on the front of the hat, wearing a nose alignment, so called cap is. The Qing Dynasty White Amber twisted silk pattern (see photo), the annular cap is 0.6 cm thick, the inner ring outer ring of 2.3 cm, 4.6 cm, weight 62 grams; circular, oval section. Both sides are inclined to deny decoration, cut the line do not cross each other under thick line knife lines, vigorous, exquisite art, there are endless means. Wen also called skein Jomon, twisted thread, because of the ridge like Yin and Yang white, twisted yarn named. The earliest lines appear in the skein of Liangzhu Culture jade bracelet, bracelet inside light straight without pattern, outside the semicircle, carved rope lines, belonging to the semi skein pattern form. The spring and Autumn period is the peak period of rope are jade, nobles, rope lines close, with a 360 degree oblique cutter ring is twisted silk pattern real jade. Therefore, no matter from the white amber texture, or in the production process, this is called cap is a good art works. Beijing (Zhao Dongfeng)相关的主题文章: