Be amazed! These games are actually on the PS4 Pro worse! midd-885

Be amazed! These games are actually on the PS4 Pro worse! From the aspect of sina [VGtime] author: game time with PS4 Pro for sale, a lot of old games and new games have for this new host update optimization patch, most of which are provided in the 4K resolution, at the same time due to improved performance, they also have more effects, better anti aliasing etc.. But we all know that the manufacturers of different technology, the performance of each game is not the same, such as the following games on the performance of the PS4 Pro instead of the ordinary version of PS4 to be worse. "The last survivor remake" is one of the games SONY first party’s first support PS4 Pro, is one of the few will use native 4K resolution display game. According to   Digital Foundry  the actual test, the game at PS4 Pro actual resolution of 1800p, and then stretched to 4K resolution display. But in this resolution to run the 60 frame mode, the actual number will float in the 50~60 frame. At the same time, the ordinary version of the PS4 can be in the 1080p screen with a very stable 60 frames. In the 30 frame mode, PS4 Pro will run in native 4K resolution, frame rate. But there is one thing to mention is that if you use the 1080p display resolution of the play, PS4 Pro will use the original super sampling high resolution picture compression to 1080p, put aside after compression quality improvement becomes more obvious at this point not to say, the 60 problem frame dropping frame mode is still not improved. And you don’t have any other mode or screen options to help the game to stabilize 60 frames. "The last survivor" heavy plate problems occur in other games. "Ancient scrolls 5 sky special edition" also claimed to be able to operate with native 4K resolution, which is not false. But in the resolution of 4K, the game frames can not achieve stable 30 frame target. If the 4K is at the expense of quality in exchange for frames, 1080p display, the game also dropped frames some can not endure. Then the "deus ex human split", this is also one of the earliest games support PS4 Pro, use the chessboard rendering method achieves the   4K resolution. The first task of the game, the ordinary version of the PS4 host can be close to 30 frames of the screen, but on the PS4 Pro, the game performance is good or bad, the worst will be reduced to about 20 frames. In any case, this is not the purchase of the PS4 Pro players look forward to the game experience. And just released the watchdog 2 also have the same problem. The game uses the chessboard to render the way the 1800p screen stretched to the 4K resolution, lighting and detail have a lot of improvement, the picture looks.相关的主题文章: