60 thousand children with cerebral palsy Deng Chao was ready to lend money to help his hand (Figure) 音羽かなで

Children with cerebral palsy 60 thousand Deng Chao was willing to lend money to help the victims of AIDS, Sun Li (Figure) – yesterday, on the phone is full of the requirements of and WeChat friends donation information. Yichuan – reporter Li Wen Wu Guoqiang Ping Wei photography core tip hopes to become a | from despair, only separated by a distance of telephone fraud. Because of severe cerebral palsy, Shenqiu County, the son of Tang Ailian was born under critical condition notice, a family doctor was removed over the years. I will train tickets booking, Tang Ailian search on the Internet phone call in the past, according to the other requirements in ATM machine operation, 60 thousand card "jiumingqian" is to turn away…… Yesterday, the river newspaper reported the incident after the release of a wave of love. The newspaper received 438 hotline donations exceeded sixty thousand yuan yesterday from 8:34 in the morning, the newspaper 4 hotline rang non-stop, as of 9 pm, the newspaper received a total of 438 enthusiastic people to donate money to the phone, said Ms. Tang Ailian. According to the hotline staff statistics, nearly half of these calls are Guangdong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Beijing and other fields, including the United States, China, Hongkong phone. Yesterday morning 11 am, reporters rushed to the hospital when Zheng Dasan, CCTV, Henan TV, Zhengzhou TV and other media is interviewing Tang Ailian. Tang Ailian’s cell phone rang, the answer is to donate money to the phone, ask how many accounts, how to transfer. As the phone continued to score, Tang Ailian will be handed over to his son to look after her mother, they need to keep answering the phone, plus WeChat. Open her WeChat, full screen is to add her as a friend request. This article reports the major sites have reproduced the people’s daily newspaper, the official Sina micro-blog after forwarding, comments 10 hours up to 12 thousand, like more than 17 thousand Sina, micro-blog total capacity of up to 3 comments million…… As of 9 pm last night, Tang Ailian baby’s love donations have exceeded $sixty thousand, and a steady stream of love is still converging here! Tang Ailian talked for three thanks, and said: "I want to bless these good people," good, good! " A good man, a life of peace " A number of hospitals and institutions are willing to provide free treatment Sun Li, Deng Chao want to lend a helping hand to the newspaper’s hotline, some hospitals and social institutions. Xu Changhua Ji staff hospital, Zhoukou Union Osteological Hospital, Beijing hospital, Tianjin Kang Piovan puliqi children with cerebral palsy rehabilitation center has called, Tang Ailian expressed the wish for the treatment of cerebral palsy son smelly free thoughts. Henan first rehabilitation massage hospital children’s rehabilitation center is also willing to help the child’s treatment. Micro medical network relevant person in charge Lv Yan to see the news, with the famous cerebral palsy experts, Shanghai Pu Nan Hospital Professor Sun Chengyan get in touch. Professor Sun said after hearing this, will take up smelly treatment guidance and help for the rescue fund. It is understood that Professor Sun Chengyan, deputy director of the original Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University Department of neurosurgery. Lin Guoqiang, head of the China children’s foundation for cerebral palsy rehabilitation fund group, said the foundation Secretary General on the Internet to see the report, the first time that he should pay attention to the matter.相关的主题文章: