The Ministry of transportation, start the emergency response defense typhoon Meranti – Beijing 女f4

Ministry of transportation to start II emergency response defense typhoon "Meranti" – in September 13th, the Ministry of transport announced the launch of emergency response defense super typhoon "meranti". Vice Minister of the Ministry of transport and maritime search and rescue center director Chinese He Jianzhong requirements, to fully estimate the unfavorable factors, according to the characteristics of the typhoon and the defense key to deploy, and then check, and then implement, to ensure the safety of people travel during the holiday season, to minimize disaster losses. According to the Central Meteorological Station forecast, the fourteenth typhoon this year is expected to moranti "on the morning of September 15th morning in Fujian Xiamen to Guangdong Shanwei along the coastal areas, landing wind up to 15, and will continue to further inland. He Jianzhong pointed out that "Meranti" is expected to be the front landing in China, strong wind, and a plurality of typhoon wind wave superposition, convergence of the impact, the affected area of dangerous goods, passenger ships and fishing boats is relatively concentrated, the defense work situation is grim, arduous task. He stressed that all departments and units to be under the unified leadership of the local Party committees and governments at all levels and to the next, the duties and the scientific facilities strategy, comprehensive analysis of the impact of the typhoon, the most vulnerable to the disaster area to plan ahead, take measures as soon as possible, strengthen the power allocation and material reserves, the measures to refine each link, post and personnel, ensure the defense work effectively, orderly and effectively. At present, Fujian, Guangdong, traffic management departments and subordinate units have started troubleshooting and defense preparations, full standby, prepared to meet the challenge.相关的主题文章: