all of this should be wrapped up in the one aim – to build relationships. This is the area where the most effective marketing takes place. About the Author 天舟一号受控离轨 幼儿园甜点现铁钉

UnCategorized Here are nine essential keys to the development of a healthy construction business using key concepts in construction marketing. 1. Nurture your existing client base: It is at least 5 times easier to win a new contract from an existing client than to go out and find a new one! That is not to say that we should not be extending our client base – that is essential for ongoing company growth and to ensure a healthy sales pipeline. However, if you are producing good quality work, you should find that 70% to 80% of your turnover comes either directly from current or past clients, or from referrals and recommendations from clients you’ve worked for. You need to spend a lot of time developing relationships with these key people – they can become your best marketing tool. One of the top five blunders that cripple the construction industry is ignorance of this fact: current and past clients are like gold dust to your business. Your existing client base also forms potential sales revenue for ‘back-end’ products and services. 2. Offer something for free! 70% of your efforts should focus on projects with a reliable outcome. However, you still have 30% exploration resource at your disposal – although you may want to limit this in a time of economic uncertainty. Having said this, a great way of nurturing current clients AND building a new client base is to offer something for free. Lunch Clubs, Golf Days, Pre-Construction Consultations, CPD (Continuous Professional Development) events to which you will invite existing clients and target new key contacts also. If you do not have a Newsletter or Website, you should get one ASAP. You can deliver information products on your website for free – Business Reports on vital issues confronting the industry; ‘Insider’ insights and interviews with key people; analysis of market trends and tips on how to grow business – all these can raise the kudos of your company and encourage people to visit your website 3. Let your corporate image do the talking: This is the first port of call for many of your potential clients so whether you are a small family run business or a large corporation, public perception of your company will effect your bottom line. Be able to state simply and clearly how your company is different and use a strap line with everything you distribute as a company. However, please remember that although we live in a ‘sound-bite’ culture where every media communication is in 30 second modules, it is a fallacy to believe that we can promote our company just with a catchy headline and interesting strap line. This is simply the gloss, the taster, the hook. Most companies who test the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns are now recognising the truth of the phrase, ‘the more you tell, the more you sell.’ Once you have people interested, give them the information they need to make an informed choice. Research shows that ads which are presented as editorials get much more response than ads that look like ads! 4. Make sure you have a thought through construction marketing strategy: Always monitor and record your marketing effectiveness whether it be telesales, direct mail shots, internet sales or advertising campaigns. When you gauge what works and what doesn’t, either get some training to strengthen the weak areas, or focus your efforts on the things that do work for you. 5. Keep accurate, up to date and comprehensive records: Every conversation you have, every phone call, every encounter, every email, letter EVERYTHING – should be recorded against the appropriate client record in your database. 6. Build a file of endorsements, recommendations, client comments and references: These will be like gold dust for you in your marketing efforts. In marketing speak, Social Proof speaks volumes to onlookers who may be wondering whether to use your company or not. This is probably the most effective form of promotion for your company. If you have won awards for your product or service, make sure you use this information in sales letters, ads, websites etc, to enhance your credibility and standing as a company. You have a track record, build on it. 7. Here come another of the top blunders that cripple the construction industry: Disregarding the value of your workforce is deadly to your business success. Everyone in the company needs to ‘buy into’ your marketing efforts. They will only do this when they share the vision and are encouraged to take part in the process. It’s not just the person on the phone or the ‘professional marketer’ – everyone from the business owner to the workman on site has a crucial part to play. 8. Building relationships is the most effective weapon in your construction marketing armoury: This is a key concept in construction marketing. The Construction Marketer needs expertise in a variety of areas: telesales techniques, cold calling, writing effective sales letters, one on one interviews, hosting events, managing database records, copywriting skills, networking abilities, marketing research skills and an up to date knowledge of developments in the industry. However, all of this should be wrapped up in the one aim – to build relationships. This is the area where the most effective marketing takes place. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: