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Marriage-Wedding It’s the happiest day of your life, but your transportation choices could throw off your event in a heartbeat. Wedding car transportation is essential to keeping the day going smoothly and keeping stress levels at a minimum. However, many brides and grooms make some common mistakes when it comes to hiring a wedding car. Avoid the stress and annoyance of dealing with sub-par service by taking note of these common mistakes. Mistake #1: Letting family members drive you around. With all of the other financial commitments to be made on a wedding day, many people reason that they can get by with a family member driving them around in their personal car. Although this may save money, it isn’t likely to be a pleasant or elegant experience. A bride’s dress can be damaged by trying to squeeze into the back of a small car before the wedding. Family members won’t have the level of professionalism and attention to detail that a professional car service will offer. Mistake #2: Shopping purely on price. Budgets are budgets, but this doesn’t mean that you should seek out the rock bottom price for wedding day transportation. Low cost wedding car hire services are low cost for a reason. Often they will cut corners in order to keep their costs low, which means that you’re left with sub-par cars, inexperienced drivers or customer service that leaves a lot to be desired. On your wedding day, you deserve to have everything go off perfectly,or at least as perfectly as possible. With a rock bottom price company, you’re more likely to have late arrivals, rude drivers and a host of other problems that you shouldn’t have to deal with on your big day. Mistake #3: Not looking at the recommendations of others in the industry. The wedding and hospitality industry are closely linked. Rather than shooting in the dark when it comes to picking a wedding day car hire service, why not select a service based on the recommendation of those in the industry. Call around and get the opinions of hotels, event planners and others who regularly see wedding day car hires in practice. Their opinion can speak volumes about the level of professional service available from a particular car hire company. Mistake #4: Focusing on the car instead of the level of service It’s important to have the right type of car on your wedding day, but you can’t discount the importance of the level of service. You’re likely to be able to find the type of car that you want from any large fleet rental car company, however the level of service you receive from the chauffeur can really make the difference in whether or not your transportation goes without a hitch. Untrained, unprofessional and just plain rude drivers can turn your wedding day transportation into a complete nightmare. Rather than try to skimp on this important part of your wedding day experience, be sure that the wedding car service that you use provides professional quality drivers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: