2016 Ningxia Tourism Promotion Forum held in Xi’an – Travel Channel-sorpack

The 2016 Ningxia tourism promotion seminar held in Xi’an tourism channel on August 24th afternoon, the 2016 Ningxia Tourism Promotion Seminar cum 2016 Xi’an Silk Road International Tourism Expo Ningxia exhibition held a press conference in Xi’an Qujiang hotel. Ningxia exhibition mission, Ningxia tourism group deputy general manager Han Wen, Ningxia delegation leader, committee of Ningxia tourism development of domestic tourism promotion department Han Cheng participated in the seminar. Shaanxi traffic radio, Xi’an TV, China Daily, China Travel Network and so on more than 20 authoritative media in Shaanxi Province, the 6 self driving Club invited to participate in the forum. The forum has brought together representatives including Shapotou, Shuidonggou, Helan Mountain National Forest Park, the Western Xia Ling, Ningxia 22 scenic spots. During the forum, China (Ningxia) Shapotou tourist attractions, scenic spots, Shuidonggou Xixia Mausoleum scenic spot, Helan Mountain National Forest Park, hometown of Chinese Cultural Park, on behalf of Mingcui Lake scenic area for the promotion show, attracted the attention of the media scene and guests have said, will further promote Ningxia tourism, let more Shaanxi tourists into Ningxia, Ningxia. As a representative figure centre city tourism bureau do site promotion for Helan Mountain National Forest Park representatives on-site promotion since, Shaanxi province is an important tourist market of Ningxia tourism, especially in recent years, Shaanxi tourists travel to Ningxia every year in substantial growth, especially the self driving tour groups, more Ningxia as the preferred ideal tourism destination. In order to encourage tourists to travel to Shaanxi Ningxia, chief of the Guyuan Tourism Development Committee Propaganda Department Feng Lijuan said, from now until the end of 2016, Xi’an tourists to Guyuan, Guyuan area all the attractions tickets are 50 percent off. Helan Mountain National Forest Park launched in Shaanxi visitors can enjoy 20 percent off tickets with ID cards. As director of the Shaanxi traffic radio Su Jianping exchange map CTS (Ningxia) deputy general manager of Shapotou Tourism Co. Ltd. Zhu Wenjun discussion meeting, Shaanxi traffic radio, China travel network, Xi’an TV, "Xi’an full search" from the media, Yinchuan City Sports Tourism Bureau, China (Ningxia) Shapotou tourist attractions such as a limited liability company on behalf of the participants, respectively conducted extensive exchanges on the global tourism development in the new period. The picture shows the Ningxia exhibition delegation, deputy general manager of Ningxia tourism group and the Korean guests discussion forum, China (Ningxia) Shapotou tourism area and the Shaanxi Auto Club Kaka signed a cooperation agreement, Ningxia tourism group deputy general manager of Shaanxi province to 6 Korean car club presented Ningxia self driving travel and passport. Shaanxi received a number of media interviews. On behalf of the media scene to watch the Ningxia tourism to the latest official propaganda film of the Ningxia delegation is composed of more than 20 scenic spots in the region, will attend the August 26th opening of the 2016 Xi’an Silk Road International Tourism Expo, to fully display the unique charm of the promotion of the Ningxia tourism resources. Source: local feeds (commissioning editor: Zhao Peng (Intern), Qin Jing)相关的主题文章: