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Small Business An unchanged logo design has both positive and negative effects on the corporate image. When it remains unchanged for a considerable amount of time, it helps in generating brand recognition and recall in the minds of consumers. But on the other hand, a stagnant logo design creates the impression that the .pany has stagnated. Now when a brand gets a logo redesign, it has two-sided out.es on the .panys image. If done successfully, redesigned logos can boost a .panys image to significant heights, but a logo redesign gone wrong can be a critical blow for a .pany. The year 2010, that is about to end, has seen many new logos being created in the UK logo design marketplacemany outdated ones were overhauled while some changed due to mergers between UK .panies. Redesigned logos in UK – The Good Ones: One of the most widely acclaimed in UK was the Wembley stadium logo redesign. It was immensely praised by the people in the UK and got accolades for its design that accurately resembles the stadium itself. Other prominent UK logo redesigns that took place this year include London Science Museum, EU Organic logo and EURO 2012 logo. Redesigned logos in UK – The Bad Ones: While elsewhere, Gap logo redesign was considered as a huge blunder. After just days of introducing their new logo design, a huge public outcry erupted on the inter.. Gap was forced to revert back to its old logo. And who can forget the BP logo redesign drama that took place this year. The oil giant was immensely ridiculed when parodies of its logo started to circulate all across the inter.. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: