65The gold bull hanging guard tonight fed – Sohu to finance|The gold bull hanging guard tonight fed – Sohu to finance4

The gold bull hanging guard tonight fed – Sohu to Finance Abstract: spot gold closed up on Tuesday a slight concussion in the vicinity of 1314, the dollar index on the 96 mark, at 2:00 a.m. Thursday will announce the Fed rate decision, the market has become more cautious. 4 hours to see the picture, showing signs of stabilizing near the gold price of 1314, but yesterday did not break the high figure before the high speed of the first line of 1318, suggesting that do not be able to do strong, day or continue to maintain a weak trend. Spot gold on Tuesday a slight shock closed up near 1314, the dollar index stood on the 96 mark, the Federal Reserve interest rate decision will be announced at 2:00 on Thursday morning, the market cautious. 4 hours to see the picture, showing signs of stabilizing near the gold price of 1314, but yesterday did not break the high figure before the high speed of the first line of 1318, suggesting that do not be able to do strong, day or continue to maintain a weak trend.   spot gold on Tuesday (September 20th) Asian city opened at $1313.26 an ounce, the lowest dropping to $1311.81 an ounce, up to a maximum of $1318 an ounce to $1314.60 an ounce, up $1.38, or 0.11%. Tuesday, the global stock market basically flat, reflecting the Fed’s interest rate decision before the market cautious, oil prices remain volatile, the United States oil shocks near the 45 mark. Data, the United States in August housing starts fell 5.8%, the largest decline in the past six months, construction permits in August fell by 0.4% QoQ, were significantly less than expected. This is compared with the NAHB property market index released yesterday, reflecting the builders of the property market is expected to hit a new high of 11 months. However, some analysts believe that the new housing starts in August and construction permits fell only two consecutive months of strong real estate growth after the adjustment, no need to worry about the fall of the housing market. At present, the market will focus to the Fed rate decision on Thursday morning, the federal agency, said the senior reporter Jon Hilsenrath believes that the Fed may raise interest rates in December confirmed again in the "bitmap". He said that the Federal Reserve officials did not increase the sense of urgency, but the future progressive views on fundamental interest rates unchanged. Golden headlines through the recent speech and speech Fed officials found that the Fed’s interest rate resolution on Thursday there are two possibilities: plus interest to 7:3 to win, or to maintain the 6:4 to win. Some of the ambiguous attitude of the swing or become a decisive factor. Wednesday focus on the central bank’s interest rate decision, the market is expected to take negative interest rates, to give up the possibility of quantitative easing is relatively large. Allianz chief economic adviser, former PIMCO joint Mohamed El-Erian pointed out that while we focus on this week’s FOMC, should not ignore the actions of the Bank of Japan, CEO. Because these actions will contain more important information, can be used to assess the central banks, the global economy, the medium-term policy risk. As of September 20th, the world’s largest gold traded fund SPDR Gold Trust gold holdings decreased by 3 compared with the previous trading day

83Rachel a good way to improve weapon bedwetting – bladder diary – maternal Sohu|Rachel a good way to improve weapon bedwetting – bladder diary – maternal Sohu5

Rachel: a good way to "improve weapon bedwetting" – bladder diary – Sohu maternal enuresis, commonly known as "bedwetting". In children over the age of 5, there are about 4%-5% of the incidence of bedwetting. In addition to causing bedwetting the burden of parents, will have an impact on children’s psychological development, sometimes also affect children during the period of school performance. In order to reduce accidents, parents have to wake up the child bedwetting children after voiding, parents and in a day of intense work, the replacement of clean bed linen; children out, parents should be more careful preparations for the children. Day after day, parents also feel tired. So, although the occurrence of enuresis in children, but the treatment must face together the whole family. The etiology of complicated enuresis. Simply put, that is, for various reasons, the bladder can not store the whole night of urine, and children can not get up their own urination. The parents for enuresis treatment is still has a lot of misconceptions: always give children the diaper the day not to let the children drink the night before the drugs, attention to wake up the children despise the training for quick and various remedies for these errors, how should we respond? The eat not the Vegetable & Fruit, ensure the constipation to ensure that children drink plenty of water during the day and night as little as possible to drink water and other drinks to children before going to bed, to the toilet and wet after urination, parents and children together to change the sheets, the sense of responsibility the treatment and training of the children are established step by step, improve the training in examinations to determine the causes of bladder the hospital records of children: each drink and urine volume were trained to urinate when bieniao. For the seventh point, parents can write bladder diary: Methods: children need more water during the day, parents should promptly record children each drink and urine volume; found that children have to urinate, try to let the child holding back, from a relatively short time to 30 minutes. In a day of training, children can gradually increase the urine volume, urine capacity will continue to progress. The average amount of urine per child per kilogram of body weight is 10ml. Parents can follow the following table for urination, urine volume records. Note: when enuresis occurs, can be marked with red pen; if your child completes a normal amount of voiding, can also be in the record label stickers for encouragement and praise. If the child can understand, as far as possible together with the child to complete the record, the children develop the habit of regular voiding. Psychological support is also important on the basis of behavioral therapy. Parents for their children’s enuresis to scientific treatment, to avoid abuse; tolerance degree, to fulfill their responsibility; don’t have to be recorded, agent; confidence, and children together to overcome. In addition to the drugs and some drugs when bed wetting alarm: the doctor will use some drugs to help children reduce bedwetting symptoms, some main drugs can make the kidney produce less urine at night. You must be in the doctor n